Looking for a Good Home for a Box Turtle

Updated on June 27, 2009
F.D. asks from Troy, MI
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My name is Felicia and I have a 2 and 1/2 yo son. Right now we are leaving in Pearland Texas but we are about to move to Detroit, MI.
We have a box turtle as a pet and she is doing great. She is with us for already 4 years and we are realy sad that we have to give her away. Unfortunately, we will drive all the way to Detroit and that will take us about 5-7 days and our turtle will not survive such a long trip in the car.
She is very easy to mantain. She is eating hard boiled eggs and fresh fruits and all she needs is a pin and a bowl of water.
I was wondering if any of you would like a turtle as pet for your child.
It is a healthy turtle and it is old enough to not be a danger for childrean.
We will give you everything we already have for her.
Please let me know if you want her.
Thank you

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answers from Houston on

I know it sounds kinda silly, but my dad (who lives in Friendswood) breeds box turtles. He has two large pens in his backyard. When they are not hibernating, he feeds them fresh fruit, june bugs and moist cat food. He attends to them every day. He keeps the boys and girls seperated unless he's trying to breed them.

If you are interested, just let me know and I can put you in touch with him. I also live in Pearland.





answers from Houston on

Hi I have two box turtles and I teach science . I also work at petco in pearland. I would love to have it if you are giving it away



answers from Houston on

Hello F.,
I know that my son would love to have a turtle. We live in League City. Can you tell me more about it? Does the pen need to be cleaned often and does it smell. I assume it lives indoors, correct?
I am working today, but will be in the Pearland area tonight between 7 and 8pm. My daughter goes to gymnastics at Legacy in Pearland.
You can reach me at ###-###-####.



answers from Houston on

Yes, I will be glad to take your turtle! I have several box turtles as pets. Your turtle will have new friends!

Please call me at ###-###-#### and we will find a time for us to pick up your turtle.

Joe and J. Kolb

(We are the ones that Sara H said her dad raises turtles. We're in Friendswood.)

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