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Updated on December 20, 2010
L.C. asks from Seattle, WA
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My husband and I are considering a doula for the birth of our child (due early next year). I'm looking for advice or recommendations that might help us find one. We plan to interview a few to see if the right person is out there. We're in Seattle, and will be having our baby at Swedish Hospital. Thanks!

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We had a fantastic doula two years ago when our daughter was born. Her name is Alissa Wehrman here is a link to her website: http://sunbirth.org/

At that time she had attended well over 100 births, was studying to be a lactation consultant, and was involved with training new doulas.

I know that personality is a big part of your choice but i would highly recommend Alissa for her calm ways, wonderful support - both to me and my husband - during the birth and her caring nature.

Good luck and congratulations,



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I eventually had two doulas. My doula was out of town when I went in to labor (my son was 3 1/2 weeks early). A friend of ours then called in a friend who was wonderful as she dropped everything and came to the rescue. I would recommend both.
Our original doula is actually a man. I know, we automatically think weird to have a man as a doula. But he is wonderful and has become a dear friend. It was nice to have someone that my husband could relate with as well. He helped me with breastfeeding and other postpartum issues too. It never felt weird at all.
His name is Elias Kass, contact me and I can get you his email address.
The woman who stepped in is Caren Ott. Again, just wonderful. Her website is- http://www.daybreakdoula.org

Good luck! Childbirth is an amazing experience.



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Hi L.,
I had Audra Sanderhoff from Gracewinds Perinatal Services as my doula for the birth of my son last October. I thought she was very good. She is labor as well as post-partum doula. Her email is [email protected]____.com
I can also recommend Nadine Beebe: [email protected]____.com and Darbi Macy (also from Gracewinds): [email protected]____.com

I interviewed all 3, and it just came down to personality fit. I thought all 3 were very qualified & experienced.




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this is the info I received from Parents mag. As doctors, friends, relatives, other moms, childbirth teachers.

Ask Swedish Hospital which midwives deliver there. Check references and credentials.




I was referred to

Mifawnwy Carlson, LM
12270 Ollala Valley Rd SE
Ollala WA 98359

Mif is amazing! I am so thankful for working with her. I actually gave birth in her house! God is so good and faithful!
She has tons of experience, and was one to help in the legalizing process of midwifery in the US. Or you may get great references.



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Hi L., I'm a D. here in Seattle and work with a few other doulas as well. You're welcome to message me privately for more information or visit my business site, Doulaville - Seattle Birth Services, at www.doulaville.com.

Alternatively, I run a web directory of doulas all over the U.S. and Canada (so far) that offer free and low cost D. support services. Even if you don't choose me ({smile}) I'm happy to help you find a great D. elsewhere.

- A. <3



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We found both of our doulas (the first became a midwife adn was not doula-ing by our second child) through Gracewinds Perinatal in Ballard. Christine who runs it, can help match you with a doula- she will give you a selection to interview. Gracewinds/Perinatal has a lot to offer in other areas too: prenatal yoga & massage and books and bottles and pumps and bras, etc. The web address is www.gracewindsperinatal.com.
Good luck- it's totally worth the investment!



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I had a doula for my daughter's birth and was VERY happy I did! She was extremly helpful and supportive throughout my pregnancy and delivery (which I wanted to be natural..and was!) I found my doula through a friend, but there is a website where trained doulas are listed by state, the website is: http://members.aol.com/doulainwv/index.html
Good luck!

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