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Updated on August 23, 2008
R.L. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Have you used a doula and loved her? I am looking for a recommendation! I have a couple of doulas in mind that I found on the Childbirth Collective site based on their profiles, but I'd like to hear someone's personal recommendation and experience. I'm delivering at North Memorial and am planning on a natural birth. I am looking to spend around $500 or less (I know one particular doula who has been referenced on this site is quite a bit more expensive than that).

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi R.!

I used a doula for both of our kids. The first time she was great, the second time she was horrible. I would still use a doula, but would get other names for next time.
Try the childbirth collective.
Also, a great lady who does fabulous yoga (and is a doula) is Sarah Longacre (we didn't use her for doula though).
Hope this helps!
Blessings to you!!!
G. H



answers from Minneapolis on

Here is my advice. Go to the Childbirth Collective Meetings - especially the one called "All About Doulas." The doulas lead every meeting, that way you can meet several in person. My husband and I ended up interviewing three (they come to your home to meet with you - so don't worry about where the doulas location is) and we ultimately chose one I had met in person instead of the ones whose profiles we read. They were all good - I jsut think I was really able to get a better idea by going to one of those meetings. Also - doulas generally run $600-$700 in the metro. It might be a bit more than you are willing to pay, but I have a couple pieces of advice on that. The extra $100-$200 is totally worth the decrease in c-section rate you'll have by having a doula with you. A doula decreases the c-section rate by 50% - imagaine the net savings you're already giving yourself in a country where the c/s rate is +30%. And what I think is the biggest benefit in avoiding a c/s is the emotional satisfaction and bonding that will take place with your baby. This is coming from a woman who had an emergency ceserean with her first baby - missed his birth, struggled to breastfeed - we are getting a doula this time - and it is worth the money for me to have a chance at a better birth - a natural childbirth. However - if finances are an issue - as I learned at childbirth collective - many doulas are willing to barter, some charge on a sliding scale, some will do a long payment plan. Also, they'll work to try and get insurance to cover some too - they've had decent success getting the "education piece" of their bills covered, sometimes you can get the whole thing covered (but don't count on it). I haven't actually used my doula yet - but she seems like the right fit for us. That's a huge factor - go with your gut and pick a great fit for you and your partner. Good luck on planning your natural birth! Birth works and you'll be great!



answers from Minneapolis on

Kathy Chinn was our doula for our one year old son and she was great. Calm, genuine, experienced. Certified by DONA. She is located in St Paul, maybe that is too far for you? If not her no. is ###-###-####.



answers from Madison on

I used a doula here in Minneapolis for our first baby and am using one in Madison (where we're moving in 2 weeks) for our second. I think you're making a great choice, especially for having your wishes understood and reinforced while you're in a state of vulnerability. I'd recommend my last doula, but I don't think she's practicing right now. She was great, however, and I had a really long labor.

My advice is to interview 2 or more doulas and go with your gut finding someone whose personality goes well with yours.



answers from Minneapolis on

I am pregnant for the third time and plan to use the same doula that we used the past two pregnancies. I went without medication the last two deliveries. We used Rita Johnson ###-###-####. Her cell is ###-###-####. She has a very calming presence and knows her stuff. My sister-in-law also used her and was pleased. Rita was probably key in my sister-in-law not having a c-section. She lives in Blain. I deliver at Abbott, and I know that she goes all over (my sister-in-law was at United).
Good luck!

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