Double Stroller with 3rd seat - Looking for a double stroller with sit/stand or triple stroller

Updated on April 29, 2006
D.C. asks from Elmhurst, IL
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I am pregnant with my third and have a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old. We take long walks into town almost daily, and I'm not sure my 3-year-old is going to be ready to make those walks without the stroller when the new baby comes along. I'd like to avoid a triple stroller if possible. I'd love to find a double stroller that has a sit and stand option for a 3rd seat. Is anyone aware of such a thing?

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Not sure if this will work for you but it might. Valco makes a double stroller (jogging-stroller type) to which you can attach a third seat. I think it's called the Valco Runabout Twin (The third seat is for a toddler not a newborn.) One of my friends who has 3 kids (twins and an older child) swears by it.

I think this is it:

Good luck, and congratulations!



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hi im a mom of two active but wonderful boys 2yrs and 6mo, last month i was looking for the same type of double stroller cause i thought my 2yr would not want to sit in the stroller and when we walk to the park or aroubd the neighborhood its to much for him to walk so i ran across a stroller on line that has the opt to stand and have the baby in the front and the other little one in the back seat it was either on target . com or or ill checck and let yu know [email protected]



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I bought a double stroller with a 3rd seat (sit or stand) from Ebay 3 years ago. I know they don't make them anymnore, but you may be able to find one there...

Good luck.



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Hi D.,
What about getting a wagon and getting a baby carrier for the baby instead of buying a stroller. You can get one of those that you can connect additional seats onto. Just a thought!



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there is a double sit n stand that's no longer made but you can find them on ebay sometimes. it works, but it's really tough to steer....turns a bit like those accordion buses you see on the streets. a better bet might be a kickboard you can add to a tandem (not side by side) double stroller. you can find those in some of the higher end baby product catalogs such as right start. When my twins were born, I thought about both options, but decided just to carry a sling for the times when my then 3 1/2 year old wanted to ride. I'd just wear one of the babies in the sling so he could rest and ride.

good luck!!



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Valco makes a double stroller with a toddler seat that attaches to the front. I think Maclaren might make one too. Good luck!

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