Looking for a Double Stroller for a Newborn and Preschooler - HELP

Updated on March 30, 2009
D.R. asks from Schaumburg, IL
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We are expecting our second child in September. I go for long walks, occasionally run, and my daughter likes to come with in the stroller. She will be 4 in May, but she is already 42" tall. I am looking for a stroller that will be able to hold both my daughter and my newborn. I was thinking about the Sit-n-Stand type, but it would be very uncomfortable for my daughter to sit for the hour long walks I take. I am also looking for something that is fairly inexpensive - I am a graphic artist who is a contract employee and they have been talking about cutting my hours so we are really trying to watch how much we are spending.

I am looking for something where my daughter can sit comfortably. I am concerned because most that I have seen, she sits with her knees up by her chest and is squished. All the spots for the newborn look super comfortable so I am not worried about that.

Has anyone found or know of something like this? I don't care if I can't run with it - I can go for runs by myself - I just want both my precious "babies" to be comfortable. All help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!

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answers from Chicago on

Your predicament sounds exactly like mine. My son will be 4 in May, an is 42.5" tall! His sister is due next month.
I was looking at a deluxe double stroller from Baby Trend on Babies r us's website that is a double but converts to a sit n stand. Here's the link:

I decided against it because even though it would be a comfortable seat, my son's legs would lost likely not fit. This is also the case with all Graco doubles, especially with the infant seat in place.

The stroller that I did decide on is the Mia Moda Compagno. Here's the BRU link:

It is a "sit and stand" type of stroller but it has gotten great reviews. The jump seat for my son is also padded- unlike the Joovy or Baby Trend brands. Amazon has a much better price on it, as well as a video review (which is what convinced me to buy it).
Here's the link (scroll down for the video):


Another idea, which I am planning on doing once my new baby is here, is to use the front seat for my son (on long mall trips,etc.) and to "wear" the baby. I have a moby wrap to carry my infant daughter. If you are interested in the Moby wrap (different that a front baby carrier) you can find cute handmade wraps on Etsy.com.

This is the store where I found mine:

Here is the original's website:

Also, have you thought about a side by side stroller? This would be especially helpful if you plan on jogging with both your children.
Here are a few options from Baby Jogger on BRU's site:

The baby jogger stroller even has an infant carseat attachment.

Good luck with your search!

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answers from Chicago on

Your daughter may not want to be in a stroller by September - 4 and half year olds are very independent! : )
I would recommend keeping the single you have that she is comfortable in and putting the new baby in a sling or Snugli/Baby Bjorn if you can't find a suitable double. I know moms who never really used the double they agonized over. Good luck and best wishes for a happy healthy pregnancy.

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answers from Chicago on

I didn't like the sit and stands at all. It is probably only good for mall walking. I have a Baby Jogger City Mini. It isn't super cheap but I like it for my needs. You can't use an infant carrier with it either. However, it is small enough to put into the trunk of a sedan, you only need to pull two cords to close it, and it only weighs about 26lbs. I would recommend going to Galt toys or Lazars on Lincoln ave. to try some out with your daughter.





answers from Chicago on

I like our Phil and Ted, but it is expensive. Maybe you can find one on Craig's List though....



answers from Chicago on

BRU has a jogger for less than $200 for the double. I love the BOB jogger but that's far more expensive. Running with the kids is great and so much fun. MY daughter is 38" I think and still pretty comfortable in the BOB. Or you can get a Buggy Board, by Lasko I think, for your single and your daughter can stand on it or walk sometimes.



answers from Chicago on

We love our Phil & Ted's also. I really havent found an "inexpensive" & good/durable double stroller.



answers from Chicago on

Phil & Teds all the way. I didn't think it was too expensive, a lot lower than a lot of strollers in the same bracket (ie Bugaboo) plus you pay for what you get. Anyway, we love ours, we got it at www.albeebaby.com free shipping and no tax.

Edit: I also agree with a sling or soft carrier for the new baby, so much more cozy than a stroller, the best place for them to be is with you! The other good thing abot the Phil & Teds is that it is actually a single stroller with a double attachment so when your older one is done with being in a stroller, you can convert it back to a single.



answers from Chicago on

We use the Joovy Caboose. It works well in the city for walks, b/c it isn't wide like double strollers and isn't too long either. My daughter (4) loves that she can sit, kneel or stand when tired, but can also jump off whenever she wants to walk. She also likes being able to "play" with her brother while in the stroller. It has an attachment for the infant car seat until the baby is ready to sit on their own. My only issue is the size of the undercarrier...not much room to put stuff in. OTherwise we have been very happy with it.

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