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Updated on November 03, 2008
R.A. asks from Denver, CO
4 answers

I am looking for a dog house for a small puppy. We had a neighbor with 10 dogs and seen they were not taking care of them. They were outside all the time unable to get family love. My 11 year old daughter fell in love with one of the puppies. so we took one of the dogs off of their hand, took them her for her shots and now have her in obedience school. We are taking on the puppy with our finances already at a difficulty, however, we felt better to take the puppy. This is also a learning experience for us, due to the fact my 9 year old son is autistic and is afraid of dogs. However he is learning to be more loving and accepting to "Ginger" (the new puppy). So it is as well as therapy. Well it is getting cold outside and when putting out for her to potty and play, we don't have a fenced yard nor shelter for her. Does any one have a dog house so we can make sure she is sheltered for the time she is outdoors. Do houses are an expense we cannot afford right now. She is loving being a house pet and I don't want her to have to revert back to an outdoor pet. She is a wonderful puppy and is doing so well on potty training and obedient. I guess that is why my daughter and son if falling in love with her. Please assist. I live 100th & Pecos. Thank you.

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Hi R.!

My husband and I have a dogloo is like an igloo but for dogs. It's a little small but it would work and our dogs don't use it, so if you'd like to have it it's all yours! We live on 128th and Federal (Zuni) so if you want it your more than welcome to have it for nothing. Let me know.



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Hi R.

I would look on craigs list and see if anyone is trying to get rid of one cheap. I also know there is a family who makes them (dont know the cost) off of like 64th or 58th ? between Sheridan and Federal they have them sitting in their yard. Maybe google it and you can find something. Good luck



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Can I suggest she not be left out long enough to need a dog house. I have a fenced yard and through all my years of owning a dog, never once have any of the dogs I have had used a dog house. I got one of those igloo ones when I was working and the dog wanted to be outside, it sat there unused for three years! :)

If it is cold enough to be in a dog house, it is far better she is inside. Dogs left outside get a lot of behavioral issues. Get her a kennal/crate for inside if you are concerned about leaving her and it will help speed up the potty training process. Get a baby gate and put her in a laundry room inside if you need to keep her isolated.

I guess without a fence I am not sure why you would want her to be outside for too long and need a dog house? They aren't cheap and more often then not just ignored by the dog.



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Look for free fencing first. Your puppy won't be safe outside if you are not home. A bigger dog could come along and attack her, kids could tease her etc. Check out www.denver.craigslist.org to find free and used low cost fencing and dog houses.

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