Looking for a Dog Friendly Family to Watch My Small Dog

Updated on July 10, 2008
L.G. asks from Houston, TX
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I need a happy family with a fenced yard to care for my 10 pound Jack Russell terrier who is GREAT with kids. I need care from July 19-26 and the entire month of August. I would like to pay $10.00 a day.(You'll make $350.00-$380.00.) It might be a good summer income and responsibility lesson for a young teen. We don't want to board her in a kennel where she would be kept in a cage all day and let out twice a day.

Her name is Addy. She has been obedience trained, sleeps in a small kennel, never gets on the furniture, and has never chewed anything but dog toys in her 5 and 1/2 years. She never has accidents in the house even if we are gone over 8 hours. We live close to the Sam Houston Toll Rd. and Westheimer. We would deliver her and her belongings to your house and pick her up.

My daughter lives in The Woodlands, but she has 5 children--7, 5, and triplet 3 year olds. I take Addy to their house whenever I go. She watches Addy for short trips, but she is so busy, I can't ask her to keep my dog for five weeks out of six weeks.

The triplets can stick their hands in Addy's bowl when she is eating and Addy doesn't mind. She loves to play fetch and tug with her toys. When the kids are outside, Addy wants to be there with them. Some dog lover please respond.How do we contact each other through Mama Source?

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So What Happened?

I asked for a happy family to take care of my Jack Russell, Addy. Lauri responded saying she had two Jack Russells and watched dogs all the time. We had a "dog meet" and decided our dogs were compatible. I called Lauri from Las Vegas and her words were, "We love Addy and she fits right in with our family." She told me later her husband said that if we never came back for Addy, they'd be happy! I was sick that I would have to put Addy in a kennel cage for four weeks this summer. Instead she had a week of playing with two dog friends. We will take her back to Lauri's house tomorrow for our 3 week trip to Iowa for my 40th class reunion. This was a God-send!

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I read your message. I would love to take care Addy. I am a teacher and currently on summer break and taking care of my 7 week old baby.

My husband and I own a rat terrior and she is small too. She sleeps in her kennel and is behaved herself.

if you have not found someone, please give me a [email protected]____.com you have, then that is great! We live off of 290 and Antoine & TC Jester/




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I have an small Jack russell terrier i would love to watch your dog my coco is almost 2 years old very playful . C. ###-###-####



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Hi L.
My family would be availble to doggy sit, we to have a female Jack Russell mix she is 10pounds, we have 2 small children. Our dog is an inside dog and loves company. Just let me know. I live in the Copperfield area.



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Hi Lynn. I am a dog loving owner of 2 jack russells, one female and one male. I live in Copperfield around 529 and Barker Cypress and have a large house and fenced back yard. My dogs go in and out by a dog door, but we are home almost all day everyday. I would be interested in helping you out, seeing as we dogsit all the time, but would have to make sure that all 3 dogs had a "meet" beforehand to make sure they would get along and Addy wouldn't be under any stress with my two. I have a 3 yr old who stays home with me, but he is extremely respectful of dogs and their routines. Please let me know if this sounds of interest to you.

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