Looking for a Dentist in McKinney

Updated on July 01, 2008
J.R. asks from McKinney, TX
6 answers

We just moved to McKinney and we are needing to look for a dentist and a General or Family Practitioner.

Anyone have any recommendations for a dentist in the McKinney area?

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We visit Dr. Spence at Virginia and Custer. He's great with kids.

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Brenda Reber ###-###-####. She is located @ Ridge Road & Virginia Road. Very nice, great staff. If you haven't found a pediatrician yet, Dr. Alvis is right next door to Brenda Reber's office! Hope that helps!

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I really like the dentists at MckinneyDentist.com 1716 W. Virginia St. They have a group of dentists and wonderful staff. I have used them for years and years.


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I would stay away from Dr. Imboden on Eldorado from personal experience. My dentist is in Frisco over by Centenial Hosp. if you are interested.
Ditto on Dr. Hopkins office!!!



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Dr. Hubbard is the best! I am the biggest coward and i do not fear going to the dentist knowing he will be doing the work. I had two teeth extracted and i didnt feel a thing not even the shot. So i would highly recommend him. The staff is nice too. His number is ###-###-#### his offic is just off Alma and the 121.



answers from Knoxville on

Three generations of my family see Dr. Rhonda Hopkins, near the Medical Center (off of Medical Center Drive); ###-###-####. She has a great PA, Diane Womack, and has always been able to work us in same day for illness. Very thorough, great bedside manner, I highly recommend her.

As for dentists, I haven't found one that I love yet (we moved here 2 years ago). We tried Just for Kids ped. dentistry, but I strongly urge you NOT to use them; they would not allow me back with the kids (which I've never heard of before), and the kids both reported that the hygenists were rough and scraped their gums, etc.

We've since gone to McKinney Dentist, off of Virginia. Their ped. hygenist, Vicky, is great -- very good with the kids.

Welcome to McKinney!

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