Looking for a Child's Doctor Costume

Updated on April 11, 2008
M.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am looking for a child's doctor costume for Monday. I found several online but if I order now it will not be received for several days. I've not been able to find a physical location where I can just go buy it. Does Anyone know of a location? Help!!!

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Toys R Us has a little section, usually on an end cap in the "learning toys" section (near the Thomas and Melissa and Doug type stuff) with occupational costumes. They keep a handful of them in stock year-round. They are hanging and they're in plastic sleeves. They usually have fireman, doctor, conductor, that type of thing.

You could also buy the Fisher Price doctor kit and just use that with an oversized white shirt.

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try american science and surplus. it's in chicago at foster and milwaukee ave. in jefferson park right off of the i90 expressway.


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Hi M., check out Fantasy Costumes in Chicago. They are located @ 4065 N Milwaukee. I bet they have it. This place is 1 city block longa and is open year round. Went there at the last minute to get my daughters Wonder Woman outfit for halloween. It was unbelievable the amount of costumes they had, plus the accessories. Oh yes the # is ###-###-####. Hope this helps! It will definitely be fun just to visit the store



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I just saw some on the Land of Nod website on sale. I don't recall the price, but its worth a shot to call the store (North and Clybourn area) to see if they have them in. Good luck!

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