Looking for a Carpet Cleaner Machine

Updated on September 19, 2009
D.L. asks from Buford, GA
7 answers

I am looking for a good carpet cleaner machine, something that I can use to clean up spots and accidents. Any suggestions please.

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answers from Macon on

I agree with Angel B. I enjoy using my Bissell Pro Head 2x.
P. S

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answers from Atlanta on

We just bought a Hoover steam cleaner and love it!!! Not only does it clean better than Stanley Cleaner, it also picks up water better than a shop vac. We had two leaks in our basement just this past week and it picked up all the water and cleaned it back to original condition. Great!!! I would highly recommend it!

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi D. - you can rent a steam cleaner from lowes or home depot - it's pretty cheap and does a nice job. Good luck!

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answers from Atlanta on

I finally plunked down $200 for a Bissell ProHeat2x and love it. I really don't know how I've lived this long with a kid and dogs without a carpet cleaner (oh wait, I know, I paid a professional every 3 months). I did have a small spot cleaner but all that did was leave me with small spots of clean carpet wherever there happened to previously be a spill or mess.

Heats water 25 degrees hotter
Cleans well
Leaves carpets pretty dry
You don't have to mix the carpet cleaner and water so there is no waste
The water resevoir is easily detached for dumping out dirty water and adding mroe clean water.
Cleans up easily (I usually just take outside and rinse out the resevior and then turn the cleaner over to rinse out the brushes).

The water resevoir is funky. You put the clean water in a 'bladder' and then the dirty water gets sucked back into the same container just outside the clean-water bladder. I guess it saves space but it's a strange design.
It doesn't suck up dog hair too well get ready to pick up clumps. It does pick it up, it just doesn't suck it up with the water and once there is a big enough clump, it will just leave a clump. At least I know it's getting the dog hair out of the carpet fibers though. I have a good vaccuum and always vaccuum twice before cleaning and it never ceases to amaze me how much dog hair sticks to the carpet.

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answers from Augusta on

We have the Bissel SpotBot and love it! It is not the kind of cleaner that cleans an entire room,but is perfect for those small spills and messes that kids and pets make. I like it because it is easy to set up and put back when you are done.It was also easy to learn to use.

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answers from Atlanta on

Frankly, I know you specified machine, but I would use Spot Shot (orange and blue can) for "spots and accidents." It may be at Target, but it is definitely at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, plus you can use one of those 80 million coupons they send for 20% off. It runs less than $6 per can as I recall anyway. Good luck.

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answers from Savannah on

I've got a Hoover all terain and like it. It does a great job and leaves the carpets pretty dry.


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