Looking for a Birthday Gift for 4 Year Old Girl

Updated on August 22, 2012
E.V. asks from Tempe, AZ
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Hi moms, can you help me finding a gift for a 4 year old girl? My budget is 20-30 dollars.thanks a lot...i don't know what's in for girl, because I only have a boy.

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answers from Milwaukee on

arts and crafts
polly pocket
littlest pet shop
GC to Build a bear
nail polish and lip gloss
Strawberry shortcake stuff
books - fancy nancy and all characters listed
dress up clothes

At least that is what my DD loved all last year.

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answers from Dallas on

Can you call the mom and ask her what "kind" of girl she is? Girly, tomboy, etc.? That'll help narrow things down, probably, and the mom might have a suggestion.

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answers from Dallas on

I am drowning in dress up clothes and my child doesn't even wear them.
My DD is 4 and likes littlest pet shop sets, lalaloopsy dolls, art sets, movies, books, her train set, outerspace stuff, etc. Very varied! So I'd call her mom. She likely has lots of ideas.

PLEASE no playdough!! Lol.

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter always loved Arts and Crafts or DIY things. Michael's Craft Store has TONS of them for under $10 even!!

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answers from New York on

Dress up clothes! We went to a birthday part last month for a 4 yr old girl and my son picked out a bunch of dress up clothes and accessories for her as a gift. She LOVED it! Toys R Us, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target- all have dress up stuff at reasonable prices. Add some faux jewels and you're all set!

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answers from Kansas City on

I pretty much agree with the others. Dress up clothes are pretty good, but not all 4 year olds seem to be into it. Arts and crafts are good as long as you think she'll get help with it. My daughter loves the little (about 3 inch) size princesses, fairies and other dolls. They are the same size as Polly Pocket, but my daughter still has a hard time dressing the Polly Pockets and their heads come off which is difficult with a 2 y/o boy around, so I'd stick with the others.

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answers from Dallas on

When my daughter turned 4 last year her favorite gifts included:
- a gift bag that contained a box of 10 crayola paints (in the plastic jars), a package of various size/types of paint brushes or paint sponges, and some spongy stamps to paint and stamp design onto paper. All of that was from Michaels.
- a toy purse with items to go into it
- a set of stickers, hair bows, tattoos, crayons, etc
- baby Cinderella
- dress up princess outfit with jewels
- a ladybug with a shell that is cut out with a light to make the constellations on the ceiling (They have them in the baby area or sell a version on television or on line called wish animals or some such thing)

Basically, anything related to arts/crafts or anything related to nail polish/lip gloss or dress up is a hit. She also received no less than 25 containers of playdough in various play sets. She enjoyed those for a bit, but overall the play value did not last long. I think I'd leave playdough for school and not choose that. She has also enjoyed the game "Elefun" and "Hungry Hippo".

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answers from St. Louis on

My daughter just turned 5 and got the Catch of the Day fish from Amazon.com (Just search Small World Toys Catch of the Day). It's $17.99 with free shipping over $25 so you'd have to buy something else in order to get free shipping. My son (just turned 3) loves it too! It works well in a bathtub or pool. They have had it a week and it was their favorite gift (even more than a Jeep!! This will be my 'go to' toy for kids ages 3-5 from now on!

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answers from Phoenix on

If you don't know the kid then $20 should be maximum to spend on her. your son, i'm assuming he is her friend or of similar age could recommend a movie to buy for her.
if this gift for a client's kid or something like that an age appropriate movie (purchased at a target or walmart) is still a good idea (with a gift receipt so it can be exchanged if they have it already)

coloring/art set
bead making
book series



answers from Tucson on

You cant go wrong with a gift card. My 3 year old got one for her birthday a few weeks ago and she loved it. She felt like a 'big' girl going through the store and picking out her own things. Now mind you, I did have to take some stuff out because like anyone our eyes are bigger than our wallet and I also had to add in a couple of dollars for taxes.



answers from Phoenix on

I wouldn't do anything too specific if you don't know the kid's interests. Not all girls are girly girls and like dolls & dress up. I would do something like Legos or Tinkertoys - something classic.

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