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Updated on January 15, 2007
S.P. asks from Spring Hill, KS
7 answers

Does anyone know of a way I can order an 800 number? I tried 4 times today to use the AT&T, my local provider :( and got disconnected 4 times in a row. I have heard of other sources out there for 800 numbers, but didn't have any experience with them. We are adopting soon and need to set up an 800 number for birth mothers to call us, so I really won't be using it much. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!

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answers from Dallas on

You might want to consider the plan that vonage has:
It's only $4.99/month for up to 100 minutes, but does require you have a basic vonage plan, but those are available for as little as $14.99/month:
That's the phone service that we use for my kids' phone line - their phone is a "softclient" program that runs on their computer. You do need a headset/speaker as the ones typically built into computers don't provide good audio, but overall this is an extremely cost effective home phone. Here's the link to Vonage's softphone, which is only $9.99/month:

I've been using this Voice over Internet Protocol for my main phone line for a several years and the quality has improved tremendously during that time.



answers from Dallas on

If you have high speed internet service the best service I think would be with vonage. I've been using vonage for my business and it is so easy. If you are going to be out of the house you can easily go online from anywher and forward the calls to your cell phone or any other phone. Plus it gives you a detailed description of every call received, time, number and name if available. Actually come to think of it, if you use the call forwarding service you don't even have to have high speed internet. That part is just for receiving and making calls. You can just set up the service and forward the calls to any other phone. You can set up on line instantly and have your 800 number before the end of the day.



answers from Dallas on

If you have broadband Internet (cable or dsl) you can get an 800 number through a VOIP service... I am a reseller of Packet 8. I have their service and it is much better than others that are advertising a lot. Please check out http://www.jesaonline.net/ and click VoIP Telephone Systems

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!
A. S



answers from Dallas on

If you have broadband connection at your house, your best bet is to go with Vonage (Vonage.com). You can get an 800 line for 4.99 a month with 100 minutes included.

Otherwise, you might look into websites such as below where you create an 800 number and forward it to an existing number (there are a few of them other there and the will allow for international calls).
This way, you won't be tied down to a phone company. Just make sure you read the fine prints and look for long term contracts. It's better to pay a few cents more and be able to cancel anytime than pay less and get stuck with a service you are not happy with.

A little about me:
A very lucky mom with a 6 mon old beautiful little girl.



answers from Dallas on

Steph...have you ever thought of using Vongage. It's broadband internet phone service. I used it for myself and I have saved over half than using ATT.



answers from Dallas on

I use Kall8 because it's the best deal with every feature I need that I have ever seen with no contracts, you can check it out at:


I have 3 numbers with them, 2 forward to my cell phone and one I use as a dedicated fax line.

It's only $2/month for the number plus 6.9 cents/min (so you really only pay for what you use). It has fantastic international rates and calling card options.

You can set it up to send you an e-mail any time someone calls you (it keeps track of everyone that calls you online and their phone number, even if it's an unlisted number - that way you can call someone back if they don't leave a message). You can change the number you forward your 800# to at any time or set up a voice mailbox to record .wav files of those that leave a message. All changes you make online take effect immediately. My faxes come in as .tif files straight to my e-mail inbox.

I even used it as a cost alternative way for my family members to stay in touch with me when I travelled to Africa. (I had it forward to where I was staying) Not only do you get the great rate of 6.9 cents per/min in the USA-contiguous 48 states but ALSO to the following countries: Australia, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan, Canada, Hong Kong, Norway, United Kingdom, Chile, Ireland, Singapore, Czech Republic, Korea (South), and Sweden

If you have any questions, let me know. I've used it for 2 years now with no problems. My number is 888-751-2027

Good luck!



answers from Little Rock on

I was gonna sugest the same thing. I too have vonage and you can't beat the price for unlimited calls and unlimited long didstance, caller id and all the other frills I only pay $31.99 a month for it and there was no deposit and I could have gotten my # as an 800 # for $4.99 more a month if I wanted! Congrats and good luck!

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