Long Wait for Skin Biopsy, Worried Sick Again

Updated on June 01, 2014
R.M. asks from Evanston, IL
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I have now been waiting for 2 1/2 weeks on a skin biopsy I had done on May 14th (so 12 business days). This was a mole that the Dr. found on my back that looked "atypical." He said he was sending it in to see if it had atypical cells. I have had 5 other biopsies (one with atypical cells, one with squamous cell cancer and 3 benign) and they have ALL been back at exactly 8 calendar days (including the weekend!) I am worried sick and of course looked online to see if this could be typical only to find a site that said they "sometimes send to a second pathologist for certain types of cancer." I have called and called and just keep being told the results are still not in and when I press them for answers they just say that it can take up to 14 business days. The problem is it has never taken that long before, ever! I am worried sick. Has anyone ever had a biopsy take THAT long and heard back positive news? I can't believe that I am now in another weekend of waiting :(

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Holiday weekend makes everything days and days late. Call the doc on Monday and make them tell you what's going on.

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answers from Portland on

I understand your anxiety. Of course you'scared. Stop focusing on the negative. Focus on the 3 biopsies that were benign. Remember the lab has there own schedule and when they say 14 business days I would accept that and stop scaring myself even more. The 14 business days are there based on their workload. It may be taking longer than usual because they may have more biopsies this time. Focus on best case scenerio. Focusing on the worst does not help you nor will it change the results.

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answers from Dallas on

Your doctor may not have sent it out to the lab the day you had the mole removed. It may not have been submitted until the next day. You also had a Memorial Day weekend in that two week period that you have been waiting so that may be part of the delay. The lab may have been enjoying a 4 day weekend (F-M) I hope you get your report back soon so that you can get some relief from your anxiety. I hope that it comes back benign so you don't have any follow up required. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm in the camp that no news is good news.

My dad has skin cancer from 27 years in the Navy and out to see many of those years...he's had biopsies done than have taken up to three weeks. And all has been good.

Breathe...stress is NOT going to change the results. And it's ONLY hurting you. Breathe....

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answers from Kansas City on

It could just be that the lab is backed up. I know you're worried, but try to wait until they said it would be back.

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answers from Philadelphia on

No news is good news. Don't worry until you have have a reason too.

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answers from Boston on

I'd call the doctor again and ask to speak directly to someone who can look up the report. It's probably an administrative issue and they're just backed up with no one checking.

I understand the desire to check on line, just to be doing SOMETHING, but you can easily freak yourself out by finding all the bad stuff. No one has a website on line that says "Sometimes they drop the ball at the labs and forget to send a report."

Finally, if you have had prior cases with atypical cells, are you keeping up with the advances in epigenetics both for prevention and for the repair of poorly functioning cells? That can apply to cancer cells as well as other cells that just aren't working up to full capacity. There is some phenomenal research and many clinical trials on a safe, natural peptide that works at the epigenetic level so that genes switch on and off as they are supposed to in each cell (vs. being damaged by lifestyle choices, the environment, chemicals in our food, etc.). I've been working with a study that shows that colon cancer cells' metastasis was blocked when a natural peptide was introduced, for example. It's the only nutritional ingredient known to affect gene expression and it's heavily researched, all benefit, no side effects.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I'm in laboratory sales and one was specifically for anatomic pathology (biopsies exclusively). 2.5 weeks I'd too long, even if they sent out for a second opinion.

These results come over using their electronic medical record system. It's possible they haven't clicked the stupid button and print the report. A dem biopsy shouldn't take this long. You may have better luck speaking with the practice manager if your doctor is unavailable.

If you want to PM, please do. I know the labs very well and can share with you




answers from Miami on

Ask to speak to the doctor. I am wondering if the staff has even BOTHERED to look or if the results are mis-filed. The doctor could light a fire under their butts.

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