Long-arm Cast for Wrist Break??

Updated on June 07, 2011
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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My daughter broke her wrist on Friday and we went to get a cast today. They put a long-arm cast on her (all the way up to the top of her bicep! They didn't offer color on it, and it just seems exessive. Anyone else know if this is normal or not? I'm working on a 2nd opinion right now, but I wanted to see if you moms have been through this. She's 9.

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answers from St. Louis on

It's appropriate depending on the type of break and where it is located. My husband broke his wrist and was in a cast up to the shoulder. Then, they replaced that cast with one that was up to his forearm after about 3 weeks. He was in a cast for a total of 7 weeks altogether for the break to heal. It's all about stabilizing the bones and preventing movement that will compromise the healing process. I seriously doubt the full-arm cast will be left on the whole time. They usually cut them down mid-way through the casting plan. I had the same thing but on my foot. I tore the plantar fascia ligament in the arch of the foot and I was casted up to my knee! YIKES! It was all about making sure I did not flex or rotate my foot by way of the calf muscles and ankle. It worked. I'm all better now!

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answers from New York on

Now a days, lots a casts are plain white, without any color. But if your daugher is looking for color or pattern, you might want to consider a fashion cast cover. These cast covers are made of fabric and were designed to conceal a fiberglass cast, brace or splint. They are washable and come in many, many, designs. Fashions For Casts tm has a great selection. FashionsForCasts.com


answers from Chicago on

From what I understand, putting a cast above the elbow keeps you from twisting your arm back and forth, which moves the bones in/near your wrist. To immobilize the arm they need to keep your elbow from moving as well.



answers from Charlotte on

B., my son broke his; they called it a green stick fracture. His cast went up to his elbow. I don't know what kind of fracture your daughter has, but it appears that they don't want her to move her elbow. I would get a pediatric ortho to look at her xrays for the 2nd opinion.

Btw, my son had the kind of cast that could get wet. As long as he let his arm hang down so that the water could drain out, it was okay to take a bath with it. Soooo much better than the cast I had one time that I had to put a plastic bag thing over! Pediatric orthos or children's hospitals have this.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

My 12yr old broke both of her wrists in 2nd grade. She had to have surgery on one as her growth plate had to be moved back to the correct position. So, she had one long cast, and one short cast. She only had the long cast for a few weeks, and then was replaced with a shorter one.



answers from Harrisburg on

My daughter broke her wrist in both bones when she was nine. They also gave her a cast up to her bicep in the ER. When we went to the Orthopedic specialist they covered it with color.



answers from Boston on

How old is your daughter? My son broke his ankle at the age of one, and we tried a short case, but it just didn't work. The doc said they tend to slip off a lot the kids at younger ages. He ended up for 6 weeks in a cast up his thigh! It was a pain to bathe, but otherwise didn't care. Good luck.

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