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Updated on April 06, 2009
M.W. asks from Clearwater, FL
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im looking for a salon that will cut my hair and donate it to locks of love...ive done it before but did the mail in way...and i really dont want to go that route again...

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before you donate your hair to locks of love, check out their record. they SELL most of the hair they get. From their own records, they receive around 2000 ponytails a week (around 104,000 a year). It takes up to ten to make a prosthetic wig. Locks of Love have made a total of just over 1400 wigs since inception in 1997. (That number is not a per year, it’s a total number.)

According to a 2003 report by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, in 2002 alone Locks of Love had raised over $150,000 by selling donated hair and had received another $213,000 in charitable contributions and grants, but provided only 113 human-hair wigs.

Also, when they do give wigs away, they make the person PAY (on a sliding scale). Also, realistically, children with cancer do much better with synthetic wigs as they are very active and real hair wigs can't keep up with what synthetic hair can.

A little-known fact is that one time, the charity was under scrutiny because Locks of Love’s first CEO owned a for profit wig factory, a conflict of interest that has since been corrected by them reportedly separating from the for-profit entity.

So enjoy your hair. Donate your time and/or money instead.



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I have been in the hair business for 15+yrs and have done a number of doantions and really the only way to donate is for you to mail it in. There is "locks of love" and "wigs for kids". The reason why we don't mail it in for you is because we don't want to be liable if it gets lost.
I have been working with cancer patients for 9 yrs since my mother past away so am very supportive of these programs. I normally charge $75 for haircuts but would more than happy to give you a FREE haircut for this purpose if its the 10+ inches that is required. Any other ?s feel free to call me I am at Taglio Salon in the Scottsdale/Phoenix location. Good Luck.

M. S.



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Hi M.. I know that Lee's Locks participates in Locks of Love. Here is the address and phone number: 5104 West Northern Avenue, Glendale, Arizona, 85301, ###-###-####



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Hi M.,
There is going to be a school who will be having a cut a thon for the locks of love in May and i think they will be sending it all in! I know that if you send it in your self they will send you a thank you card or certificate!
I dont have all the information on me now but i can get it tomorrow! the school is in Gilbert!
I also do hair and could send it in for you but i know thier thank you doesnt mean much to me as it would more to you!
[email protected]____.com

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