Locking/blocking Kitchen Cabinet (The Corner Turnaround One)?

Updated on October 05, 2010
M.O. asks from Barrington, IL
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We have one of those turn-style cabinets in the corner of our kitchen. I hate to install yet ANOTHER child lock on this cabinet, but our little guy is constantly getting into it, and starting to pinch his fingers in it. Do you have any "home remedy" solutions to block it (other than just constantly picking him up and taking him away from it)? I realize in another week or two it will likely lose it's appeal, but right now he's in there all the time.

Thanks Mamas!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Give him something else to play with when he is over there........you don't say how old he is......but let him sit in front of it and bang on pots and pans or something......I know people that have bought cheap pots and pans and wood spoons just for that..........

Try finding something else to amuse him in the kitchen and maybe he will then leave it alone...

Good luck...take care.

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answers from Norfolk on

We had the same thing in our old house. It was simpler to put gates on both doors to the kitchen and keep our son out of it in general till he was about 5 yrs old.


answers from Minneapolis on

I do home childcare and where I live, there are few acceptable cabinet locks if you want to have things like platic wrap, baggies and foil...or drawers with pizza cutters and potato peelers in them. You run out of upper cabinet spaces (with bins for the utensils, etc) realy quick. I even ahve a garage cabinet for the bulk of my baggies and such.

But one acceptable safety lock is the Tot Loc magnetic locks. They are a PITA to install (my hubby can attest to this)..but you can flip the little red thing on them so they are "open" when you need them to be for ease..and flip it the other way for them to be locked when it is an issue.

I love them and have them all over my house...all bathroom cabinets and several of my kitchen ones and my craft cabinet for daycare kids.

They can be purchased at Babies R us and other places like Walmart I think.

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