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Updated on July 26, 2007
E.K. asks from Plano, TX
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How can I get my dog to use the bathroom in a specific location in my yard. I have 2 locations, and she has used it in the past, however, recently has changed location - and it's where the kids play. Is there a product I can spray in that area or another natural way to detour her?

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We tried everything to get our dog to go in one spot. I hate having the kids run around the yard and not knowing where the 'logs' might be....we finally ended up buying one of those big screws that go into the ground and attaching a chain to it. When the dog tells us she needs to go out we put her on the chain and she goes in one spot...when she is done we take her off so she can run and play. Hope this helps.



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Hi, Elaine! The only training method I have ever heard of is to actually move your dog's poop from the areas you do not want her to use to the area you do want her to use. I think you really have to make sure you move it all out of the one area and into the other. You may have to do this for a while, depending on how long it takes your dog to respond, and you may also have to not clean everything up for a few days, which for me would be the hardest part, especially with kids. You may just have to go to the park for a few days or something while your dog is learning...good luck!


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Hi Elaine,
I would make sure that the area that she has been using is made very available by keeping it cleaned up. I would also try to "move" the stools to the area desired when she does go in the wrong place.
They do make sprays to detour dogs but they do need to be applied several times a day to work well.
Do you have a feed store in your area? They have helped me a lot in the past with keeping "critters" out of my garden.



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I want to know too!!!!

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