Local North Hollywood/Burbank Mom Group?

Updated on February 18, 2009
E.S. asks from North Hollywood, CA
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Does anyone know of a good, local Mom's group that my 3-month old daughter and I can join? I have to go back to work soon and am finding the thought of leaving her almost unbearable and would love to find other moms to connect with.

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The Baby Wise program at Providence St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank is a great place to start. I went there every week until my daughter was too old to go. Then a group of us took parent education classes at Burbank Adult School. My daughter is now 4 1/2 and we still get together with Mom's and their kids from these groups. St. Joseph's is an open program, you can start anytime. The Burbank Adult School program is semester based. But if you scurry over there now, I think you can still get in for this semester. (tell them your story) Also, get into a Mom's Club. Depending on your area you can either join: Studio City Mom's Club or Valley Village/NoHo Mom's Club or Burbank Mom's Club. http://studiocitymomsclub.com
(email them and they'll hook you up)

(and try to postpone work or work part-time if you can :)

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Almost a year ago now I gave birth to my son Noah at Providence St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank. Through the hospital I took several classes from the Baby Wise organization which offerse classes on babycare, CPR, and mommy and me groups. It was wonderful while I was on maternity leave last year. I would recommend calling the hospital and asking for a schedule of the current Baby Wise mommy and me groups. they are usually once or twice a week for different age groups. It was a great way for me and Noah to meet other new mothers (several also on maternity leave) and to maintain my sanity!

Good luck,

B. D.



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Hi E.! Look up meetup.com and you can probably find a Mom's group to fit your needs. I am so thankful I did it this past summer. Good luck!



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Hi E.,

Try the MOMs Club http://momsclub.org/. They have chapters all across the country and I've found it to be a fabulous help!

Good luck!

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