Living with PMDD

Updated on May 16, 2012
M.T. asks from Albany, CA
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I think I have PMDD I'm going for my annual check up in a few weeks and will talk to my doctor about it but was wondering how you live with it? What do you take? I HATE taking drugs so I'm looking at a more natural way of it. What are your symptoms? Thank you!!

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answers from Appleton on

I don't know if I had PMDD or not. When I was in my late 20's and into my 30's I suffered for 10-14 days every month right before my period. I found out that most of my symtoms went away when I went off the pill. The best thing you can do is cut back on salt, exercise and get enough sleep. Cutting back on salt is not just about not salting your food but reading every label on evey pre-packaged food item you buy. I didn't buy canned soup, pasta sauce, frozen meals ect for years. I cooked from scratch daily. The only cereal I bought was no salt added such as shredded wheat. Cutting salt from my diet improved my symtoms so much my PMS almost went away.

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answers from Toledo on

I have been diagnosed with PMDD and was on a variety of antidepressants for several years. I finally was tired of the side affects and went off them now I take Shaklee GLA and a multi vitamin with 1000IU vitamin D (just started those and recently found out I am Vitamin D deficient) Vitamin D I guess plays a HUGE role in moodiness.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I hated drugs too! I don't take advil unless my head is falling off. I just stay away from all of it. Until, I thought my husband would have enough and leave, or I would leave during one of my raging moments during the week before I start. I didn't know I had pmdd until I saw my gyn and told her what I go through. About 25 days a month, I am a pleasure to be around. And then there is my pmdd when I could stab someone (seriously). And thats how I can explain my symptoms. I hate everyone I look at, I yell at my kids for no reason. I am just on edge. Afraid that any minute, I will get in my car and drive far away and never return. On the morning I start my period, I literally go from angry, to the skies opening up and feeling wonderful. It's like yelling out, aaaahhhhhhh, thank goodness. I told my doc I had to do something. She suggested I try a med for 1 week a month to control the anger. My serotonin level needed to be adjusted. 6 months ago, that is what I did. I take10mg of the generic of prozac for 5-7 days a month. On the day I start, I stop the med. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. My husband thanked me for getting help. He notices a complete change in me, and my love for my family again.

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answers from Washington DC on

I couldn't live with pmdd, made me miserable. After reading that zinc helped alot of women here I started taking it. And you know what it helped!
Please read up on copper toxicity and how it affects zinc. we get a hell of alot of copper in our diets today. Especially vegetarian diets.

zinc plays a massive role in hormone regulation.

Iam happy to report that for the first time since I was 12 I did not have pms or pmdd.
This is my regimine:
zinc 30 -60 grams a day depending on where I am i my cycle.
inositol one -two teaspoons... this is an amazing vitamin for mood ( anxiety and depression) and even for great skin , pcos , sleep , you name it. Stop by iherb and read about some reviews . If you get drowsy take at night.

I also added in st. johns wort and taking it in the evening cause it makes me bloody tired.
D vitamin

Lately ihave been taking c vitamin since that helps with getting copper out of the body.

I am so happy now I am a nice, patient and calm mommy again!

Hope this can help some one because I know what a total hell it is to feel bad.

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