Living Wills/Trusts

Updated on April 14, 2009
A.Y. asks from West Hills, CA
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Hi Moms!

I'm curious to know if any of you have created a living will or trust. We would like to create one, but don't really know where to begin and don't want it to turn into an incredibly costly endeavor. I'd love to know of your experiences in creating one and how you went about doing so. Also, if you are willing to share, what type of expense is involved in creating one? Thanks in advance!

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answers from San Diego on

Please check out Suze Ornman's website. She has all kinds of forms and lots of info that explains what types of wills/trust etc meets your needs, the forms are Free!!! There are lots of answers there and you can even email her for further assistance. Also You can catch her weekly show Sat night @ 6:00 pm on Cox cable channel 70 (CNBC) in South Bay San Diego, the Channel may be different for you, depending on where you live.

Good Luck A.,


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answers from Los Angeles on

Go to you can get info on all kinds of great things families need to have in place and she sells kits that are not expensive.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would recommend going to you will be able to create both for a really reasonable cost. If you enter "Money101" in the checkout box you will get a further discount. Good Luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Okay I'll be the one that says don't do it yourself. I work for an estate planning lawyer who mainly focuses on families with minor children and there are so many loopholes now that you want to take advantage of and make sure are rock solid for your kids' futures. I've recommended her to all of my friends and my son's preschool parents because she really is phenomenal. And, she'll even tell you if its better or even the best for you to go ahead and do it yourself. She's not after your money, I promise. She lost her husband when they were very young so she's all about the young family. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you her info.

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