Liquid Coming Out of My Baby's Ear

Updated on March 05, 2007
J.T. asks from New Britain, CT
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yesterday i was playing with my 8 month old son when i saw yellowish liquid dripping out of his ear. also on monday when he woke up there was a yellowish crust around his ear like there was some liquid that dried. he has been fine during the day but really bad at night. i was wondering what this liquid is. did his eardrum rupture? is this serious? will he have hearing loss? and is he in bad pain? i made a dr appointment for this afternoon

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So What Happened?

i took him to the doctor yesterday and the doctor said he can tell by the pus in his ear and his upper respiratory cold that he has an ear infection. he said that he cant see the whole eardrum because the wax is in the way so he gave me ammoxocylin and ear drops. it was wierd last night he was sleeping fine and then he woke up just screaming and screaming and wouldnt stop for about 10 minutes. it seemed like th ecry he does when something hurts but my husband says it was just a nightmare. i think maybe his ear or his top teeth may be starting

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My daughter gets ear infections all the time. She now gets what the doctors call swimmers ear. Which sounds a little like what your son has going on. She gets more of a clear liquid that drips out of her ear and crusts over as she sleeps. It is really painful for her and she gets fevers with the infection. The doctors just send me home with antibiotic and ear drops. There really isn’t much you can do about it, but do the best you can. Some kids are just more prone to ear infections then others. The other advice the doctors have given me over the years is not to use normal q-tip in her ears. Either use the baby q-tip or use a piece of toilet paper twisted up. The normal q-tip tends to push the wax build-up into the ear and can actually help in the cause of a later infection. Also, when bathing your son try to keep as much water out of his ears as possible.

Hope this helps or at least makes you not worry so much....S.

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My kids have alot of wax build up in there ears to. I just recently took my youngest who is 23mths to the doctor cause he was crying and holding his ear. When trying to check his ears he could not see cause of the wax. He had to get that little tool and got it out. It was about the size of a petite pea. It did turn out he had a ear infection. But i have had times i see the whole ear covered in wax. But they say thats how the ear cleans itself. I dont think its right. I was told to use baby shampoo and put a drop in the ear and use your finger to massage the ear then lay the child in a warm bath and push on the inner ear part to kind of swish water to clean it out. Its suppose to break up the wax. Wax build up runs on my husbands side. I hope it was nothing major and your son was OK



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Hey J.,

I strongly advise you to take him to the emergency room. Nothing should be coming out of the baby's ears. Things you need to observe; has been crying more often, is he cranky. Please take him to see a doctor so that they can make a diagnosis. Let me know how it turns out.



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Hi J., it sounds like your son has a lot of wax in his ears. My youngest has this too. You did the right thing by making an appointment, but it really sounds like just a wax build up. An ear infection would be accomipied usually by a low grade fever and all my kids would constantly tug and rub their ears. My son usually wakes up with yellowish wax build up in his ears too, it happens cause they are laying down and it has a chance to drain. If it is just wax build up you just need to keep his outer ear clen, dont stick anything into his ears, this can cause problems, but cleaning the outer ear is ok. the wax is there to help keep dirt and stuff out of his ear. Good luck, let me know how he is!!!! L.



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Ear infections are very painful. If it were that then he would be in pain all the time. Especially when he laid down. It gets much worse then. I didn't have my first ear infection until I was in my 20's. I couldn't sleep at night. If he had an ear infection you'd know. He'd also be tugging at his ears.



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My son would get the same thing and I noticed a couple of the instances, it was a few days before an ear infection. I think when their ear drum gets warm, it melts whatever wax he has. My son always has a lot of wax so I would always see stuff in his ear (and still do).

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