Lightweight Stroller for 2 Year Old

Updated on June 22, 2012
M.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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I want to get a light weight stroller but wondering if it's too late to invest in one. My son still likes to use his stroller , we still use the one from his travel system. It's chicco keyfit 30 , wonderful stroller but bulky. I checked out some light weight strollers at babies R us and needed your help choosing one. I don't want to spend a LOT , but don't want to buy the cheap $25 umbrella stroller as well. I looked at chicco lightweight strollers , but most have then don't have tray and cupholders. I would love to have a tray and cupholder for my son and also for M. like the one in our regular stroller. It's always been so used. Also I would like to have good space for storage underneath. And it should be easy to close and put away. Most strollers I checked out, needs to be folded all the way down to the floor and then I have to bend and pick it up with both hands to put it in my car. The chicco keyfit stroller is not like this, it's easy to close and I need not bend and pick it up every time.
Do you know any stroller which has all the features I am looking for? I have heard a LOT abt Mclaren but none of those have cupholders? If you moms have those strollers, where do you put the the cups? Isn't that very inconvinient? I am considering Chicco lightweight (again no cup holder) or combi cosmo ( this is a new brand to M., but it does have all the features I am looking for). Also there was a graco stroller , the tray was very flimsy but the stroller itself looked good.
I need to buy it by tomorrow, help M. choose one mommas. Thanks!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I also have a Maclaren (Techno XT) and love it. It's light enough that I can expand/fold it with one hand and it's wide enough in the shoulder area that he doesn't seem squished like umbrella strollers. My son is 2.5 years and although most of the time we don't use a stroller anymore, there are times that it is essential.

To solve the cup holder dilemma, I just bought a dual cup/snack holder that you can attach to any stroller or carseat. (



answers from Minneapolis on

We have a Maclaren and I love it. I bought a small cupholder/snack cup that attaches to the side of our stroller for the little one and we had a Sunnyside (?) Cupholder/organzanizer for M.. The Sunnyside one recently ripped, but we got a new one made just for umbrella strollers by Infantino and I love this one. It looks nice, folds easily with the stroller and is functional. I used the clip on cupholder/snack cup with my daughter, but my som usually just sets his cup next to him, we got a strap to attach to his sippy, so it doesn't get lost and another for his snack cup. oh and there is a lot of storage under the Maclaren that is what sold M. on it.



answers from Des Moines on

The combi stroller....last forever has a high weight limit, folds up so compact. Love mine!


answers from Chicago on

I have a double Combi and LOVE it! Very easy to use, steers beautifully, and is pretty much perfect.

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