Light Therapy for Depression - McKinney,TX

Updated on January 10, 2011
P.H. asks from McKinney, TX
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I've suffered from depression most of my life and recently noticed how much better I felt when working in the front of my home where more light shines in--instead of the back of my house as I usually do. I have heard about light therapy for depression and just wondered if any of you have experience with this type of therapy. I do take a mild dose of antidepressant medication, but still have some depression. I would love to hear about your experiences and where you bought such a light. Thank you!

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answers from Boise on

My brother bought a special light that he uses first thing in the morning. It helps him wake up and be more alert in the winter months.

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answers from Boston on

It does not surprise me that light therapy is something that would work for depression. I am in NH and I know so many people that get down or depressed when the weather starts to change and it gets darker earlier. I have always been telling them it is because of winter. I finally had a friend believe me when he moved to Florida and notice how much better winter was for him there instead of in NH.

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answers from Chicago on

This is just a guess on my part...

Some people suffer from depression, especially in the winter months because the melatonin levels in their body start kicking in earlier during the day leaving them feeling tired and sluggish and depressed.

It certainly couldn't hurt. When you wake up, throw open the curtains. If you're working, turn on all the lights and make your environment nice and bright. If you use a special light for therapeutic means, this will mimic the effects. This "light" early on in the day "turns off" the melatonin production in your brain (or at least limits it) so that you're not feeling drowsy or tired. Over the course of the day, the melatonin builds up so when you're ready to go to bed for the night the melatonin assist with being able to fall asleep. This is exactly why some people take melatonin supplements - to assist with the sleep.

If you don't get enough sunshine in your day, the melatonin begins to build earlier on in the day - trust me, I have the blinds open and the lights on in my office during the gray, dark winter months of Chicago in an attempt to stave off my sleepies!

It can't hurt...and may be worth a shot. Best wishes to you!!

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answers from Bakersfield on

Hi Mama-
I don't have personal experience in this, because for me, the gray days comfort me and I feel the stress melt away. I have mild depression, and the winter months do me the most good. Summer just annoys the absolute heck out of me. That being said, our bodies still need sunlight and the vitamins it produces. I like to have a few moments here and there in the warmth of the sun before going back under the foggy cover of the season. So I did some research. Light therapy is amazing. And medical insurance covers (for the most part) sunlight machines for light therapy. Go to your doctor after doing some research online and ask about it. Tell them you are very interested and would like a prescription for it. There are both lamps and little machines that you sit in front of/under. I think it takes 10-20 minutes a day. And I say, why the heck not. Your body craves it, your mind needs it, and some insurance covers it. I have heard great things about light therapy as a mild help, and I really believe that it would make a difference for you as a supplement to your meds.
My encouragement is to try it. If you hate it or it doesn't work after a month or so, then you can always take it back.
Good luck- I hope someone who has tried it sees your post. =)
-E. M

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answers from New York on

I made my work buy a light for me, because I work somewhere with no windows. It did make a difference, but what made a bigger difference was getting out during lunch and taking a 15-20 minute walk. Also, I find that by late January/February I am still depressed. What I do then is buy a couple of 10 minute tanning salon sessions at their lowest setting.

There are, if I remember, a number of different kinds of lights, some very expensive. They can't hurt, but you may find that getting out and walking does more, because it also gives you the fresh air and exercise. Just bundle up and ignore the cold!

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answers from Honolulu on

Things like this can be seasonal.... winter time being more so because of less sunlight and less exposure to 'sun.'
Also, regionally, some areas have more people with depression. Places that are rainy or do not get much sunlight or outdoor activity.

My Mom, was one of those. We used to live in a State that was always really dreary and rainy and cloudy. Then we moved to a State that had much more sun etc. She felt much better here.

But yes, you can buy the lights yourself. Even Amazon has those. Just input in the search bar 'Light therapy." And many different lights will come up. AND you can read the reviews of it, there.

All the best,

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Sorry, no experience with light therapy, but I too have read lots of good things about it and encourage you to look into it. I'm the same way: sunlight makes me happier. I always have the blinds open during the day at home, and hate my interior office at work and the short winter days. Something else I do is take 1000 mg of Vitamin D daily, which is what we get from sunlight. That seems to help me some as well. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

It may be that you have episodes of SAD---Seasonal Affective Disorder (seasonal depression) due to the lack of vitamin D from the sun and the light therapy is a light that emits this through the light. You may also want to up your vitamin D3 intake---it might be helpful for you too.

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