Light Patch on Infants Chin

Updated on July 04, 2007
S.R. asks from Woodbridge, VA
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A week ago I took my little girl Taylor (6 weeks old) to the ped to check out the rash that was on her face and neck. We had previously switched her from Nestle Good Start milk based to the Soy brand because she could not tolerate it but come to find out the soy was what was causing the rash on her because the doctor decided to switch her to the Neutramagin Formula and a week later the rash on her face is just about gone. The problem is though that the bumps that disappeared on her chin were replaced by a very light spot on her skin. Being African- American it is very noticeable. I have also noticed the sides of her mouth turning light also. My husband and I discussed that it seems like the light spots are exactly where her pacifier rests on the outside of her mouth. No other place on her face seems to be getting light. My colleague had pulled up on the computer a fungal condition called tinea versicolor that also causes light spots, so we were wondering if they had anything to do with one another ? Is there anyone that knows any possible causes of the light spots and if it will go away. I asked the ped and she acted like it was nothing just saying that everyone has discolorations and that her skin tone will even out. This discoloration on Taylor's chin covers her whole chin and is white. It does not itch her or anything but I just would like to know is there something that I am doing that is causing it and what I can do to help her color come back. Could this be a fungal infection caused by the pacifier ( I have boiled it several times and bought new ones but she won't take those)? Any advise?

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I love your daughter's name! Awesome choice. Taylor is my maiden name, so that is why we chose out daughter's name. I have had her name picked out for years, just was never sure I was ever gonna be able to use it. I def. think you should consult a derm. I can not say I have any experience with it. Be careful what you read on the internet. Sometimes you can diagnose a serious problem and it was nothing. It is easy to go online and search for things, but scary when you find the results. This I know from researching information when my daughter was born and getting very freaked out by what I was finding. There was no reason for me to freak out so bad... the information I found seemed to have been "the worst" of what could happen. Here is what I found on the fungal infection: What is tinea versicolor?

Tinea versicolor is a fungus infection that commonly affects the skin of young people, especially the chest, back, and upper arms and legs. It doesn't usually affect the face, though. This fungus produces spots that are either lighter than surrounding skin or reddish-brown. There may be just a few spots or many.

What causes tinea versicolor?

Tinea versicolor is caused by a fungus that lives in the skin of almost all adults. This fungus exists in two forms, one of which causes visible spots. Factors that can cause the fungus to become more visible include high humidity and immune or hormone abnormalities. However, almost all people with this very common condition are perfectly healthy.

Because the tinea versicolor fungus is part of the normal adult skin, this condition is not contagious. It often recurs after treatment, but usually not right away.

When tinea versicolor produces lighter-colored spots, it may take up to several months for the color to even out between skin areas that are affected and not affected. It always eventually does, however. Tinea versicolor does not leave permanent skin discoloration.

Now, I do know that my daughter broke out in a rash when she was first born around her mouth. We found that it was from where the pacifier rest on her mouth. So, my peid. recommended a pacifier that does not form around the mouth. The Gerber Gentle Flex Pacifier. We tried size 1, but that seemed to small for her, so we switched to size 2. It took her a few days to adjust, but she LOVED them. And I LOVED the fact that it kept it off her face. Also... is it possible that the rash could be thrush? We found out that her rash was also from thrush, so that is the only reason why I ask. We had gotten the outside skin cleared up when we noticed that her tongue just stayed white all the time. We though it was milk on her tongue, but later found out, after another visit, that it was indeed thrush.
I know thrush is more common in BF babies, but it could be possible?? I would ask the derm.! Here is a link to the pacifier on Amazon. I know they are hard to find just from having to search when my Taylor was 6 weeks young.
HTH - Jenn
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Honestly, I don't know anything about African American skin.....but when my son was an infant he had little blotches and discolorations all over....and they all went away.



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I have tinea versicolor. From what my doctor told me it is an infection that you get fonr the oils in your hair so it would seem odd to me that she would have it around her mouth if it were that. Also the only way I know of to permanently get rid of it is to use selsin shampoo on it for a little while so that wouldn't help because of its location. Taylor's ailment might be something similar though. Have you tried taking her to a dermatologist or will they not see her because of her age?



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no personal experience. but just recently a friend of mine who has biracial children, one of her kids, the infant one has skin discoloration on her arms and neck. same thing. her pediatrician said it will even out. she decided to make an appt with the dermatologist. so my advice to you is do the same. her appt. is soon so i don't know what the outcome will be yet just wanted to give you heads up.
good luck



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Sounds like your pediatrician might not know the answer and you are very concerned about it. Dont lose sleep over it, just go ahead and go to the dermatoligist.
Good luck and congrats on the new baby!

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