Light Headedness/dizziness While Sitting Down

Updated on March 31, 2010
R.P. asks from Belle Plaine, KS
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Hi all ive been having problems with getting light headed and dizzy while sitting down since at least saturday the 27th. Has anyone else delt with this same issue and know how to get rid of it and why im getting this way? also i have what i think might be exema on my arms and chest how can i tell if that is really what it is and is there anyway to get it to go away and stop itching. the spots that i have are small bumps that itch like crazy and the ones on my chest are starting to hurt a little bit. thanks in advance

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answers from Honolulu on

Go to the Doctor....

Any advice you get here will not be a medical diagnosis...
the 2 symptoms you have could be related or just a coincidence.

Please go to the Doctor... it could be anything.

It does not sound like eczema to me... but hives.
But again I am not a Doctor..

take care,

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answers from Kansas City on

Go to the DOCTOR! :)

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know about the bumps. Although I believe exema in children is often a sign of food allergy. That would be worth looking into for yourself. I believe our bodies can change as we age. As for the dizzy spell- last year I passed out while sitting down. I can't recall exactly the doctors explanation word for word but I do remember him saying that major veins run through that sit/bend spot and you reduce blood flow while sitting. In my case I had sat on the potty to long, passed out, and hit my head on the tile floor. So please be careful. Maybe while sitting if you straighten your legs without locking your knees that would help. I would go ahead and call the doctor. Better to be safe than sorry. Having your husband find you on the floor and unresponsive with your pants around your ankles isn't too beautiful!!! :)

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answers from St. Louis on

Obviously there can be a lot of things that could be going on ... what I am suggesting is just another option. Since I had my second child I get very light headed and dizzy during cold/flu seasons. It seems as though when we have a cold going through our house I get fluid built up in my inner ear and get light headed and dizzy from that, even if I am sitting down. Sudafed or any other drainage type of medicine helps. Just a less scary option here. I hope you figure out what's going on. Good Luck.



answers from Lawrence on

I've had Secondary Strep a couple of times & had a rash on my arms and on the sides and underneath my breasts. It was extremely itchy and extremely painful. I also ended up getting pink eye. I did NOT have a sore throat but, I did feel a little out of sorts.
The first doctor I saw told me not to bath more than once a week (what?). So, I went to another doctor who then told me I had secondary strep (which can be very serious if not treated since it's internal) and gave me antibiotics.
I don't know if this is what you have but, it's the first thing I thought of. Hope you feel better soon!



answers from Davenport on

Could it be shingles? Check out they have a symptom checker. You put in all your symptoms and it will give you a list of possible diagnosis. It may help give you some suggestions before seeing an MD.



answers from Madison on

No ideas for the dizziness. I have bumps on my arms that I thought were hives, but were exema according to my doctor. Hydrocortisome creme worked, but so does regualr dosing with good old lotion. I think if hives the lotion solution wouldn't work. Anyway those were my bumps, good luck with yours.



answers from Houston on

Do you see "puffs of smoke" in your vision? I get dizzy and lightheaded sometimes. I have been diagnosed with vertigo. My Grandmother had it, my Mom, My Aunt (mothers sister) and my sister. Its an inner ear problem.
Another thing that happens to me is the room will spin.




answers from Boise on

dizzyness can be caused by anemia, heavy metal poisoning, low blood volumn, dehydration, magnesium deficiency, infection, thyroid problems, blood sugar problems, ingesting splenda or nutrasweet, Just to name a few.

Eczema can be caused by heavy metal poisoning, roundworm infection, food allergy,high internal fungal load, mineral deficiencies, bacterial/viral infection, just to name a few.

I'm sure can give you more reasons if you type in your symptoms.



answers from Wichita on

Sounds like fungus or yeast. Conventional docs aren't too good with those things, but nystatin (a prescription anti-fungal) often works well. I would go to an alternative doctor for a full evaluation and treatment, if it were me. Most people aren't inclined to do that, though. I see Dr Kelley Arnold. He's located at Ridge Rd and 21st in Wichita. His office number is ###-###-####.


answers from New York on

You need to see a doctor.



answers from Wichita on

I have had similar problems in the past and found out that I had food allergies. Yep, at 28 years of age, I was diagnosed with wheat and egg allergies. Crazy, huh? I would absolutely talk to your doctor. Those two things are not coincidental and there are SO many things that it could be. Some really bad, some not so bad.

Please go as soon as you can!



answers from St. Louis on

are you taking any new medication? Your symptoms sound like an allergy type reaction



answers from Chicago on

I hope I do not scare you, but this is worth mentioning. I had a dizzy spell on Sunday that lasted on and off for nearly 2 hours. It was worse when I sat or laid down, walking around wasn't as bad. The dizziness came with some hazy vision. If it was just the dizziness, I would have stayed home and rested. This happened before and I wasn't alarmed. The vision disturbance was new, and it caused me to worry about a stroke. I went into the ER, completed a CT scan, and found out that I have a small tumor growing on my brain.

Looking back, I remember headaches that came out of nowhere, ringing in my ears, etc.

I urge you to see a doctor about this. You will have your blood checked for all kinds of issues, and possibly you'll have a CT scan. Maybe it's nothing. But maybe it's something.

All the best,