Lifting (Weight) Restrictions While Pregnant?!

Updated on April 29, 2008
L.D. asks from Columbus, OH
7 answers

Do you have any advice on the amount of weight a pregnant woman should or shouldn't lift, in regards to picking up children...etc.

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answers from Columbus on

I was told that as long as you don't feel any pain or strain you can lift carefully. Most likely your 2 year old is right about the limit where you feel strain so I would probably limit the times that you have to pick him up, especially as you get further into your pregnancy. Also, after you have your second one you will probably be instructed not to lift anything heavier than your newborn for a few weeks. Maybe the next few months you can work with your 2 year old to become more independent and "big boy" so that the transition with the newborn will be less of shock to him. Supervise him as he goes up and down stairs, start changing him on the floor or a couch rather than a changing table, have him crawl up on his booster seat, etc. Best of luck!


answers from Columbus on

While pregnant with two of my four, I worked at an assisted living facility, which required quite a bit of heavy lifting (transferring adults from one place to another.)
My doc said it wasn't a problem as long as I felt fine doing it. If the lifting was going to hurt you, you would feel pain and obviously would stop the lifting.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Check with your doctor. I think each woman is different. I believe a universal rule of thumb is 30 lbs until you're in your 3rd trimester. I think it lessens to 15 after that. I'm not sure though.



answers from Cincinnati on

My doctor always told me nothing heavier than my (then) 2 year old (he was about 35 lbs). It also depends on if you have any risks or complications.



answers from Canton on

Hello, I am also 5mths pregnant and just asked my doctor this question yesterday. She said she does not tell her patients that they cannot hold/carry their children so as long as you're not feeling any pain/cramping it is OK to hold or carry them as you usually would. As far as lifting other things, she said she would limit it to 20-25lbs.



answers from Jacksonville on

My OB said it's pretty unreasonable to tell a mom she CAN'T lift her children but to avoid it if you can. I have an almost 2 year old and a 3 year old. Since I've been pregnant I've told my 3 year old I can't lift him and he understands that, but if he gets hurt or something I'm usually there to pick him up if need be.
I usually pick up my 2 year old often, but if someone else can, people are always willing to help.



answers from Columbus on

I would say that as long as your pregnancy is "normal", it's okay to lift your son. Just be careful! My oldest daughter was about 25 months old when I had my second, and I picked up the oldest throughout my pregnancy.

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