Life After C-section

Updated on January 26, 2007
L.F. asks from Indianapolis, IN
4 answers

Four months ago I had a c-section birth. I am on my second period since then and it is pretty painful. Besides regular cramping I am experiencing discomfort just like I did right after my c-section. Is this normal?

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answers from Charleston on

There is a web site called it has tons of helpful medical stuff on it. This article is called "What to Expect after a C-Section" Hope it helps.


answers from St. Louis on

Hi L.,

Always it is good to discuss and ask questions about it to your doctor. I had 2 C-sections, and it takes time to recover from it, much more than a normal delivery. I also felt cramps very strong with both of the C-sections; however, the second time was long after the surgery because I breastfed my baby, so my period arrived much later.
Recoveries from a C-section are pretty uncomfortable and painful, you shouldn't force yourself, let your body recovers and give it plenty of rest (I mean when the baby sleep you sleep even if the house is falling apart!!!) Get all the help that friends or family offer you, you'll need it a lot!!!
Ask your doctor whatever questions you have...
Congratulations and take care of yourself!!




answers from Evansville on

I had two c-sections and I am getting ready for a third. I had pretty bad cramps for awhile afterwards but I agree with the other response and you should still tell your doctor.



answers from Louisville on

I had a section with both of my children and yes even after a while it can still hurt. But i would still disuss it with your doctor. They'll prolly just wan to feel where u had it to check everything. I think with my son, it was 6 mths before i could roll over with out feeling something pulling. But a section is Surgery so it takes a lil while to fully recover. And when u have your period it causes the uterus to contract therefore causing pain.....I hope this helps a lil

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