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Updated on December 17, 2010
B.B. asks from Union City, OH
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Every time I get my granddaughter she has lice. What should I do about this problem?

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answers from Dayton on

This may seem crazy but I faught head lice forever, go buy a hair highlighting kit and do a few strands, lice can't stand it. I make it a habit even now everytime I highlight I do a few strands of her hair. We have never had another issue with head lice. Always remember lice don't come from dirty kids only clean ones, they can't cling to oily hair, and they can't stand the chemicals of color or hilights. Good luck

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answers from Columbus on

I am usually not one to promote specific products, but I will recommend the Fairy Tales Hair Care Products! They are all natural, organic hair care products for children. They have an entire line for treating, removal, and lice prevention. My sister has this issue with her stepdaughter last year and my daughter got them from her one time. That day I called the salon that I frequent and asked for a suggestion. The stylist is a good friend & said she swears by these products.... so taking her word for it, I tried them. Went through the entire process of de-nitting my daughters hair, etc. Then we started using the shampoo & leave in conditioner spray. We use the spray on her jackets, hats, carseat, etc. My daughter has came in contact with children who were infested since we began using this and have Never had a problem with re-infestation. I finally convinced my sister to try the products for her stepdaughter. We can now proudly say she has been lice free since June!
They carry the products in a lot of the salons, kiddie cut places, etc now, but you can also get it online through their website
I am in no way shape or form linked to the company.... I just really believe in their products. Good Luck!



answers from New York on

I have four daughters who used have waist length hair until I had my girls waist length hair cut very short like a boy Now my girls has very short like a boy when they get lice it easy to rid the lice now my girls has very short hair before the very short haircuts It is harder to rid the lice when My girls has waist length hair.After the very short haircuts my girls has very short hair.It is easy to rid the lice



answers from Cincinnati on

If she is bringing it from home she needs to have everything washed in hot water or put in bags and sealed for 10 days and use a spray too. Hair washing with lice shampoo and afterwards get her to use gel or hair spray every day. They cannot lay the eggs in the hair and they love clean hair. Her hair should be washed at least twice with the special shampoo as it only kills live bugs and the eggs are still there. There is also a comb like a comb for fleas on dogs and cats to help take the eggs and bugs out of the hair.
Good luck.
She could be nringing them home from school. We used to have bad break outs at ours to the point the PTA bought sjampoo for the school nurse to give to parents to use for free. It's expensive to get rid of the critters.



answers from Cincinnati on

I would suggest talking with her parents about treating her and their own heads and EVERYTHING in their house with lice medicine. I would also suggest that once they agree to it, which they should since this is effecting their child, you do the same with your head and everything in your house as well.


answers from Rochester on

Get a lice comb and a white bath towle, and start picking. They are nasty little bugs that stay around for a LONG time, They do not jump from person to person, they do not live in rugs or furniture. I would not go nuts washing everything down, put her bedding, pillow and coat in the dryer on high for about 15-20 min on a daily basis. LICE are very resilent to over the counter shampoos, pestitdes ect, they will not rid all the lice, only hurt her scalp and cause redness.DO NOT waste you money. She should be sleeping on a white pillow case, that way in the am, if you see little pepper dots, it will tell you she still has lice, that is the dried blood or poo from the lice. If she has long hair you can run a curling iron thru it to fry the bugs, but they are fast you still need to get close to the scalp, Coat her hair thick in Olive Oil to suffocate them,wrap her head with a plastic bag or shower cap and duck-tape it around her head, let her sleep this way for a few nights. It is best that her entire family get checked and be clean of the lice. They also like to hide behind the ears and hang like grapes. You can pick her head while she sleeps, put her to bed and hold a small flashlight in your mouth and pick every inch, they move very fast, some people also spot stick with with tape, but his may hurt her. Getting lice has nothing to do with poor hygine, its part of being a kid. Last year I dealt with 3 heads, enough to dirve you crazy......We are free now!



answers from Cleveland on

You said everytime I get my granddaughter... so I'm guessing she doesn't live with you. Even if you get her clean and lice free when you have her, all she has to do is go home & lay down and she will get them again. I use to get them in grade school... my mom would wash everything down (bedding, beds, couch, chairs), scrub our heads with lice shampoo, bug up all our stuffed animals (for months in trash bags)& put them in the attic, and wash coats & hats. We would be clean for long breaks like spring & Christmas and as soon as we went back to school we would have to fight it again. The girl that I shared a cubby with had them and everytime my coat was near her's they would jump from hers to mine and I would get them again. Finally, after they switched my cubby we quite getting them.

The problem you may have is if her mom/dad or whom ever she lives with isn't willing to work on getting rid of them she will keep getting them. And if you can't figure out how she is getting them - she will keep getting them.

I do have to say I'm so glad my kids school has lockers not cubbies, and they don't sare lockers. Cause they spread so quickly. Even my older daughter was getting them from sharing a cubby when she was in grade school & quite having troubles when she went to the middle school where they have lockers.

Good luck getting rid of them and keeping them away!!!



answers from Fort Wayne on

Go to your nearest store and by Rid or some lice kit. They have to comb right in the package. Use this and it isn't real expensive. Generic is fine. I worked in a pharmacy and we sold tons of it just after school started and mid way. It works. I would check into seeing why she has it so often and talk at school and see who continues to carry the lice. It can become and epidemic in a class room. Good luck



answers from Youngstown on

That's basically telling you the nits have never been completely removed. Don't bother with Rid and the other harsh chemicals since most lice are now drug resistant. Go to, where you can find all kinds of details on lice. Disgusting critters! You pretty much just have to comb them out and keep checking on a regular basis till you're sure that each and every nit has been removed. Also, her house needs to be swept and any family members checked for lice to make sure they're not just passing them around. No need to do those bug bombs and all that stuff...lice don't live that long without a host. The headlice website gives info on that as well. Hang in there. Even if you're meticulous it can still take a few weeks before you can say for sure that they're gone.



answers from Terre Haute on

Use a vinegar and water mixture to help loosen the nits once you have treated. I did not notice the age of your grandchild. If she is too young or overmedicated from lice treatment then you can cover her head with mayo and a plastic shower cap for like all night this will also help loosen the nits.
add vinegar to cream rinse to help keep it away. Be sure her house hold is being cleaned properly. If they forget to bag the stuffed animals or clean the curtains they will get it back. I found each time I opened the bagged animals we got it again so instead I left them in an airtight bag longer (like 2 months) no more lice. Thank GOD!
I understand your pain. Be sure childcare is also cleaning. Good luck

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