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Updated on January 23, 2010
D.V. asks from Spartanburg, SC
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hello all. i found lice in my 3 year old head. i cant believe it. it is so gross to me and embarrassing. anyway i tried washing his head in the lice shampoo and combing it with the comb. ok well it got the lice out but the eggs and tiny lice arent coming out. i guess his hair is too thin for the comb to remove anything. he will not sit still for me to pick everything out. what can i do????????? i feel so bad and this is very emabarrassing to me. thanks so much, i hope some of you has delt with lice before and its not just me.

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answers from Savannah on

I have five children, they are all in school. I have done nothing but fight lice since we moved to the area. I have done everything, but what I found to work the absolute best, is that you use the shampoo. Then dry the hair, place cholestrol (you can find it in the ethnic hair product section), liberally on the entire head, then heat it with a hair dryer to activate it. Wash it out and blow dry the hair, then use the nit comb. I have found that the lice and nits come out much easier when the hair is dry, and the cholestrol makes the hair slick which doesn't allow the eggs to stick to the hair follicle. This has to be done at least twice in the first week, and then once a week for 6-8 weeks. Lice is a bug, and you must break it's cycle of life in order to stop it. Wash everything in hot water, dry on hot heat (the heat kills eggs) and bag all stuffed animals and things that can't be washed for at least one month. Vacuume numerous times a day and make sure you wash the bedding and clothes as often as possible. This is a hard thing to get rid of, and it spreads to everyone. Boys are easy, you shave their heads, but you can't exactly do that with girls. If you have more than one child, make sure they all have thier own brushes and hair ties...that will cut down on the passing of the lice. Also book bags and coats have to be washed as well. The spray in the stores is expensive and really doesn't work, look at the active ingredient (don't have a bottle handy) then find another bug spray (usually for ants, fleas, roaches, ect. and use it instead. They work better because they have a higher amount of the same active ingredient. Try that.

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answers from Charleston on

Hello D.,

First of all one thing that they do not tell you but it is very dangerous to use that shampoo on a child so young. I have been doing a lot of research on lice because with in the next few months I will be opening my business. My business Lousy Cleaners will come into your home and remove all the lice from you child and even be willing to help with removal of lice from the home.

There are many resons why I am starting this company and one of them is because during my research I found a web site and it shows where a young child die from the chemicals used in the shampoos. The lice have done like the flu had done and mutated so that the shampoos really do not work. There is an all natural way to remove the lice from the child and your home with out any chemicals. Also with the removal every single nit needs to be picked from the childs hair. Please do not chop off your child hair or do anything like that it is hard enough to have the lice with out feeling like they are being punished for it. There is such an easier and less toxic way of removing them and it really is so much easier for the children.

If you would like more information or would like me to come and help please e-mail me. I will be more than willing to give you references and help get rid of the lice. When I come I bring all of my own stuff including movies or video games for the children. I will sit with them and pull out evey single nit and most of the children do not get them again unless your child is in very close contact with someone who has them. If you would like my help I will even give you $50 off the first hour and it should not take any long than two hours depending on how much you would like me to do. Plus you will learn what to do to make sure they they do not come back. I think that as parents our children have a hard time sitting for us but sometimes having someone come and help just makes it much easier and they even enjoy it. Yes, all the children that I have help have enjoy me coming, and the mothers are so greatful. I do this because I love helping people and this is a service not offered by any other person in the Charleston area at this time. Please let me know if there are any questions that you have or if there is anything I can do to help.

Good Luck,

J. H.
Lousey Cleaners
[email protected]

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answers from Savannah on

I agree with everything she said. Also, you can use Tea-Tree shampoo once or twice a week in lue of regular shampoo as a deterrent. Please EVERYONE, do not use the RID stuff more than once though (although I know you will be tempted) and I did myself until I was told that if you read ALL of the cautionary statements, it says that if used TOO long or TOO often, it can cause brain damage! I freaked out when I read that!!!

Pine-SOL and extremely hot water on the sheets, bag them up for 3 day, then rewash and put back on bed (and everything else) You can purchase regular tea-tree oil (concentrate) adn put in directly on their heads (it will loosen up the eggs as well as the fact that lice nor eggs can survive that herb) after using the RID once.

You can also make a house spray out of Tea tree oil and water. Keep it shook up well and you can spray things that cannot be laundered (couches, chairs, CARPET, rugs, ANIMALS). Speaking of which, if you have dogs in the house, make sure you bathe them with Tea-tree oil shampoo also, as they can be carriers, and you will never know why you can't seem to get rid of it.

It is a painful process, but if you hit it right, and hit it hard the first time, you'll be over it! Best of luck, and I knwo it's frustrating. There is one last piece of info that may help you feel better. It is a proven fact that lice can only live on clean, healthy, non oily/dirty hair, so at least feel good that you know your child is very clean!!!! ;)

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answers from Atlanta on

Hello, I have small girls who have had the outbreak of lice. I know it's gross and embarassing. But as long as kids are in school more than likely it wont be the first time.
But anyway i found that the metal combs work best. The shampoos I feel don't work that well. Try using Listerine, put it on the head and put a shower cap over the head and leave it on for 2 hours. Then rinse it out and then put white vinegar and the shower cap and leave it for an hour. This will get the glue that holds the nits and eggs to hair to disolve. Use the metal comb and comb the hair. I found this works well.
Hope this helps.



answers from New York on

I dont know how all the postings work here but this is what I told another person. Best thing my wife and I found were PeppermintLogic Treatment Shampoo along with LemonLogic Prevenatative Conditioner and Preventative Spray. Get it at We had a bad lice infestation about 8 months ago and called Licelogic and they came and treated us at home. Very professional and much less the cost than their competitors. I bought all the products and we have been lice free since then, even though my two kids classes continue to have lice issues.

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