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Updated on July 30, 2012
R.R. asks from Bakersfield, CA
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I have had my share in lice this end of the school year and guess what? They are back and worse!!! Not sure where they came from this time. Ugh!!! I used the rid nix shampoo and combed through and got rid and cleaned everything!!! Seems like the shampoo isn't as effective as it was in April. The toxins exposure to the kiddo is a bit bothersome, so I have done some research about other home remedies on getting rid of them and came across the Listerine method. I've washed her hair and combed through it to find the louses dead (FINALLY!!!). The nits are easier to pull out as well. Now to find some non toxic sprays for the beds, couches and etc. DO you make your own sprays or do you buy them? And what do you prefer to use in your child's hair?
I just want to be done and rid of these things for good!!!
Thanks mamas!!!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Please don't do all these old wives tales things. A good vacuum will take care of the issue. Those sprays are nothing more than marketing items. They do not work. The shampoo's don't even work anymore.

Go to and other web sites that will give you good common sense solutions to get rid of them.

They will not be gone for good. They are at epidemic proportions across the USA. They can't get rid of them because that would mean that every person in the USA would have to be treated and their house vacuumed all on the same day, plus they would all have to segregated to make sure they don't crawl onto someone else.

They will be back. Especially if you don't let your child be dirty. Head lice like clean hair. They can live there very well and stick their babies to the hair shaft.

One remedy that I am going to do once the kids start back to school is to get a water bottle, add a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil in it then add water to fill it. Then every morning when I am brushing the kids hair I am going to use that water bottle to spray their hair to style it. That way the Tea Tree Oil will constantly be on them repelling the lice.

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answers from Chicago on

We used the listerine as well, and used Lice Freeee spray (several times even though we weren't finding anymore bugs, but I was paranoid so I did it every 3 days just in case)... For the beds and couches we just vacuumed like crazy and then I sprayed the lice freeee spray on those too, even though its not made to be a furniture spray. I washed sheets and pillowcases in hot for 14 days straight (overkill maybe but I couldn't help it). This was our first time and we are just out of the woods with it (I think and hope... we are on day 18 with no sight of a bug, day 7 without sight of an egg or egg casing). I never want to go through that again!!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

We just ended up with it too, for the first time! I have 3 boys and it's summer time, how did lice happen to us???? I used a store brand of the stuff that kills eggs and live lice and it didn't work. I was conflicted about using poison on my children but had read home remedies are not a sure fix. And i was so upset about having these things crawling on us that i just couldnt imagine taking a chance to not get rid of them the first time. So that is why i went the poison route. Ugh! Then to not have them dead was so upsetting. So we shaved the boys heads, they were heart broken as they were growing their hair out surfer style. As for me, I left the poison on 5-10 mins longer than recommended and still they were alive. So I used vinegar to make the combing of my long thick hair easier and got them all. I left the vinegar on for a few hours with a shower cap on. Then I rinsed it out and conditioned my hair and combed for a long time. My scalp was very very sore the next day. Once my hair dried ( I suppose you could blow dry for added security) I flat ironed my hair. I had read about this and had noticed on my bathroom counter there we're a few dead lice from curling my hair, before I knew I had the buggers! I chose the flat iron because you can get much closer the the scalp. Periodically , over the next week i combed my hair with the lice comb just to see if there was anything, so far so good. The gal at the pharmacy told my husband to dab tea tree oil on the head everyday and you'll never get lice. Don't know how true it is but I found some in the ethnic hair section at Walmart for a few bucks and have been doing that! I supposed washing daily with tea tree shampoo could have the same effect. As I know i have read about that as a home remedy too. So far we are lice free, knock on wood! Oh and we washed everything and bagged for 2 weeks the items we couldnt wash and vacuumed real good. Total hassle I know! Good luck!

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