Updated on February 21, 2007
J.K. asks from Columbia, SC
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we are going to buying a new washer and dryer set this year and after months of researching we have narrowed it down to two sets: the LG front load SteamWasher or the GE Adora front load. we are replacing am old set from Hotpoint that we have had for almost six years and are from the time when almond was a popular color for appliances. they even have the fake wood trim on the top! our trusty set is now to the point that repair would cost more than they are worth and before forking over this kind of money i want to be as sure as possible. i need something that is heavy duty since there are six people in the household and we have potty training and a baby with reflux. also if anyone uses the LG with the steam wash cycle how well does it work? we would be using it on suits. i would love to here from anyone that has either of the sets that we are looking into. by the way i have never used a front loader or the ones with digital screens. please tell me if you have had ANY problems with them. thank you so much for the help!
:) jenny

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So What Happened?

Thank you, thank you!!!! I finally went out and bought the LG washer! I got the bright red one and i LOVE it!! I got the steamwasher and wow this thing keeps me caught up on my laundry and it cleans better than the old machine. and i am one of thoes crazy people that double checks each thing before it goes to the dryer and it is getting almost all of the spills and messes out the first time. i used to have to pretreat (ok i still do that), soak, prewash, then wash and hope for the best and still have to wash again sometimes. even my old dry is working better since the washer spins out most of the water i was able to hold on to my dryer longer and break up this expense. so i thank all of you that gave me that last needed little push!!
:) jenny

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Sorry I can't be of more help but we chose the LG Steamwash and it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes. But, one problem so far is that we ordered it on Jan. 20 and well today is Feb 19th and it is yet to arrive. I've had to be on the phone with Home Depot, GE and LG more times than I care to count trying to get the set here. Apparently there is a big demand for them and they keep being put on back order. I just hope they are worth the wait! I'll let you know! :)

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Hey J.,

My dad works at sears. Selling washers and dryers. I'm not telling you that for you to buy from him but he may be able to let you know about the one's you are looking at buying. If you live in the Raleigh area or close buy to be able to give him a call. LMK. I'll give you his name and number all you'll have to do is tell him i told you to call. He's honest and trust worthy. But he should know if that model has had high return rates or proublems




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My parents just got the LG and they love them!



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I have an LG. I think it is a good washer. Before I had it I was always trying to "catch up" on washing, and now i look for things to wash. Saves me a lot of time...



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Go with the LG. We just got their washer and dryer and they are great. We look for things to wash because our 2 yr old just loves using it.



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we just bought a front load lg energy star washer and dryer set we got it from home depot and love it. it has tremendously saved on our energy bill as well as the water bill, and it gets the clothes alot cleaner.



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Just some food for thought....I have a maytag top load washer...the pully went bad because my teenage daughters try to wash as many clothes in one load as they can...LOL...anyway, I had to go into another little town to a Maytag store and they had this nice new front loading set...I wanted it so bad! Well, the owner overheard me telling my husband..and he's been in the business 40+ years....that they didn't get your clothes any cleaner....but does spin them out good....to stick with the top loading maytag if you want your clothes clean...he said the cost to replace the digital board on the front was almost the cost of a new washer...andthat no one can or knows how to work on them....just thought ou might wanna know



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I don't know about either but I have a Maytag Neptune I've had for several years and now with two kids and a hubby, I'm constantly doing laundry. It has never failed me yet (knock on wood!! lol) But here is a website that I love when it comes to a major purchase like that. http://www0.epinions.com/

It is reviews of anything to everything from OTC meds to cars!! Just type in the model number (if you know it) in the search or GE washing machine. And you can find all sorts of consumer reviews about it!! Hope that helps! I know how important a washing machine is when you have a large family, you want it to last and do a great job!!


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