Lexapro for Anxiety

Updated on May 26, 2014
M.T. asks from Naperville, IL
7 answers

I have anxiety and my dot or put me on lexapro. I'm really concerned that it will make me gain weight and I want to hear of others opinions on this medicine. Thank you.

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answers from Portland on

I have taken Lexapro and did not gain weight.

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answers from San Francisco on

What does your therapist say? I know regular doctors can prescribe drugs but I always think it's best to first listen to your therapist or psychiatrist, because they understand and are actually trained in mental health issues and medications, and their effects.

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answers from Boston on

Medications are very different for different individuals. Certainly side effects should be discussed along with dosages, but sometimes those of us who have suffered with depression and anxiety and panic attacks get more agitated about possibilities than is necessary.

Some medications (for different things) cause weight gain, but sometimes people with depression and anxiety do other things that make them gain weight, and sometimes medications can take the edge off so that people have more energy and can do more things to prevent weight gain, like exercise and less eating of comfort foods.

If medication seems the best choice for your at this time, I think you have to just monitor it to see if there are side effects in any area (not just weight) but you also have to give these meds a while to kick in and do their job. Anytime you change the body chemistry, there can be problems - but you already have a chemical imbalance that is causing the anxiety.

I've taken medication for depression (although I did not have anxiety) and I did not have weight gain from it. But I've also found other things that helped me tremendously and I was able to wean off the medication. I work with a number of people who also had anxiety and panic attacks, and they also got results off of medication. So each person has to find the right path to regulate their body's processes and rhythms.

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answers from Washington DC on

I took this medication years ago after my mom passed away and my husband was going on his 3rd TDY to Iraq bc I almost had a nervous breakdown. I didn't notice any issues with my weight, but then again I am not a big eater. I know a lot of folks that take meds that claim it can cause weight gain, however I don't know that it's 100% the medications fault. I would say just keep a watch on your weight. If you notice you are packing on the pounds, look at your lifestyle first. If you are all good in that area and you start to notice issues, by all means switch to a different med. Initially, they started me on SSRI, beta blockers, and anti anxiety meds. My anxiety aggrivated my mitral valve prolapse so my heart would race and send me up a wall. I thought I was dying. It was a terrible place to be.
There are tons of meds out there and it takes some patience to find the one that works. I eventually just took my beta blocker and my anti anxiety meds only when I needed it. Last year they tried me on Prozac and I started having issues. I had to stop those meds all together because I started having chest pains that landed me in the er. Turns out it SSRI's prolonged my QT interval and my heart wasn't digging it. Just be aware that those issues aren't typical, but need to be thought about. Weight gain is something you can keep an eye on. Just bear in mind that it is a serious med and you need to stay in tune with your body. Good luck and hope u feel better!!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

There are many drugs that help keep your nerves on an even keel. I think talking to the pharmacist about the choices would be a good thing to help you feel secure in what you're taking.

I took many drugs before finding Klonapin. It was wonderful. I took it PRN whenever I felt a panic attack coming on.

I had a prescription for 30 to take as needed. A year later I had 29 left in the bottle. I felt secure that I was okay and if I wasn't I could take that pill to help. SO I didn't have to take one.

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answers from Houston on

I did not gain weight on it either.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Be careful with Lexapro I gain 170 pound within 3 month. Didn't know the side effects until it was 2 late. I recommend to take a low dose and if u get hungry eat a lot if grapes.

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