Letter to Your Child - What Would You Write?

Updated on February 19, 2010
K.S. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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I had parent homework last week that involved writing an encouraging letter for my 9 year old that she will receive during ISTEP week in March. I bascially told her how proud I was of her, etc. but it really made me stop and think about everything I love about her. Almost like a gratitude journal.

Also, I didn't think the letter would be hard to write, but it was. I could think of a million things to say to her but wanted to say just the right thing to give her a little boost of confidence for ISTEP without making her too nervous.

If you had to do this assignment what would you say? What words would you use encourage your child?

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I actually write a letter every year to my son on his birthday and put it away for the future. I tell him all the memories I have from the past year, explain the fun things we did and also go into his accomplishments of that particular year. It's a letter to him at that time but I'm saving them all together so to give him when he is older. I read this somewhere, and the father did it. He was saving them for his daughters 21st birthday. It sounded good, so I started when my son was born with his birth story. :)
I'm not sure if he'll appericate them as much as I do but I enjoy the time to reflect each year, see our strengths and helps me to realize where we need to work and improve. (Along with enjoying him more!)

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answers from New York on

this is a great idea, one i plan on adopting for myself starting from this year.
i have two kids. one, would be easy to write about, she stole my heart the first time i saw her dow-like eyes. then she stole my soul when she smiles the first time. this one, in particular, makes me melt just by thinking about her. i would tell her she's not allowed to ever stop dreaming. her daydreaming is amazing. she loves life, loves world, is mad at people for destroying her world. she's artistically inclined, and every drawing of hers is just magical.
my other one scares me how smart she is. every drawing of hers has numbers, she loves math. if i even utter the word, do you want to do math, i know i am doomed. she's willing to spend hours adding numbers. she's five. i look at her and see myself as a child. she's my baby me. i would tell her to take care of her sister, and to always remember she's so smart the world is hers.
that said, they would both get: i am honored to be have the chance to look at you every single day.

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BEST book ever to read is The Five Love Languages of Children by
Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell, MD very easy reading and you'll learn alot about you and your child.

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answers from Des Moines on

i have kept a journal for my son since i was 20 weeks pregnant i try to write every month so that i dont lose the thoughts. you really just need to tell her how you feel and only you know that. for the future though you could start keeping a journal so your thought dont get away. my mom presented me with the journal she wrote for me on the day i had my son. even though i knew my mom loved me it was very reassuring to hear how she had written over the 26 years of my life :)



answers from Jacksonville on

Let her know how proud you are of her accomplishments and of her abilities.



answers from Los Angeles on

I would use the words proud, enjoy, appreciate, love, friendship & joy. I like the idea of a gratitude journal. I am a single mom of a 2 1/2 year old and there are some days when I need to remember to be grateful for things when I feel like jumping off the edge. :)
I am sure that what you wrote will make your daughter smile & feel proud that you are her mom!



answers from Washington DC on

Let her know you love her because of who she is on the inside, find those special traits that are more important to you and those she values the most about herself. I love this idea and I hope to start a journal of this kind myself. Thanks for posting this question.

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