Lemonade and Milk

Updated on July 11, 2013
Z.B. asks from Toledo, OH
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My kids LOVE their milk. It's their first choice, always. We've been to a few picnics lately where they had lemonade. I didn't really think too much about it until my youngest threw up the other night. My husband thinks it's because he had lemonade and milk and the lemonade made the milk curdle. I know there's truth to this, but surely one can have both beverages on the same day? Maybe if we waited longer in between the two drinks?

Is there a safe amount of time to wait after drinking lemonade and before drinking milk so that it doesn't cause my little guy to throw up?

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answers from Tulsa on

This sounds like an old wive's tale to me. I suppose the acid in the lemonade is supposed to make the milk curdle? The acid that is always in your stomach to help you digest food is much more acidic than lemonade, yet we can drink milk without trouble (most of us). Perhaps it was just too much of both plus whatever else he ate at the picnic.

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answers from Toledo on

The pH of the stomach is lower (more acidic) than lemonade. If the milk doesn't curdle without lemonade, it won't curdle with it. Something else probably made her throw up. A more likely cause is excessive bacteria in food left out too long at the picnic (or whatever else).

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answers from San Diego on

I think there was another cause for him throwing up. Maybe a virus or too much running around and excitement. But I seriously doubt it's the combination of the milk and lemonade.

Water should be the first choice for a drink with milk being after that. Your kids might be drinking far more milk then they should be.

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answers from Columbia on


Actually a good way to "cheat" if you need buttermilk for a recipe is to mix regular milk with lemon juice.

So - it won't make you vomit. Unless he drank A LOT. And then, it's not the lemonade and milk that is the issue.... it's the volume.

plus - I'm sure it's not REAL lemonade..... lemonade from a mix probably doesn't even have real lemon juice in it. So, it wouldn't curdle the milk at all.

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answers from Norfolk on

When ever we drink milk, it's part of the digestive process that the milk curdles when it interacts with our stomach acid.
So drinking lemonade and milk close together is not going to make any difference one way or the other.
Kids throw up for any number of reasons - over heated, a virus, ate/drank too much too quickly, some food didn't agree with them, etc.
I wouldn't worry about it.

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answers from Dallas on

This only happens, when there is more milk in the stomach...then it can reasonably digest. The problem isn't the lemonade. The problem, is your child is drinking more milk then his stomach can handle or digest, in a reasonable amount of time. If he drinks less milk, an amount he can digest fully, then he likely won't be upset from lemonade. His stomach acid can do the same thing as lemonade. If there is too much milk, the stomach acid will have the same effect.

Short story long, LESS MILK.

**Oh, he's vomiting? Yeah...it should only make his stomach upset. He shouldn't really be vomiting. Are you sure he isn't sick...or drinking WAY too much milk, and it's just messing up his gut balance? How much milk does he drink in a day?

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answers from St. Louis on

Um, your stomach contains acid. I don't think it was the lemon aid that made him throw up. Probably just a bug,

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I'd say when they go on a picnic our are drinking outside that milk is a no go. It does NOT need to go with you unless it's a baby drinking formula.

They cane have milk with their other meals and have the lemonade at lunch.

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