Lego Birthday Parties

Updated on August 11, 2009
T.G. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi Moms
Has anyone had or attended a Lego Birthday party in Frisco or Northpark? My son wants his 6th birthday at the Lego store. It appears to be during store hours and just in the store meaning no private area.. any feedback is appreciated.

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My sister worked at the Southlake location last year. For their birthday parties, they had a private party room, a themed activity that was lead by a teacher that included lots of lego building, and everyone got legos as party favors to take home. My sister said the parties were well-run, organized, and the kiddos always had fun. Hope this helps!

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I personally have never been to a Lego Party, but it sounds like a lot of fun.

If there is not a private area for the party, have you considered just having the party somewhere else - home or somewhere there is a lot of room for the kids to play then providing the Legos yourself? How long can the kids play Legos before they will get bored? This way if you purchase the Legos yourself your son gets to keep them to play with all the time and still enjoy them at his party.

By the way if you need any entertainment for your party, my husband and I are professional clowns living in Anna. We offer facepainting, balloon sculptures, comedy magic shows,friendship bracelets, along with fun interaction and games. We've entertained at birthday parties and large events like the Plano Balloon Festival.

Our prices are very reasonable (we have four great kids of our own so we know how expensive things can get)and we do our best to work within a person's budget.

Please feel free to take a look at our website at for samples of our work.

Give us a call at ###-###-#### if you have any questions at all.

Hope you have a great party whatever you decide to do.

Hope to hear from you,

K. Schmidt
Bubbles the Clown
Bubbles and Wowza, LLC

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To all mamasource recipients:

A good place for a child who is about to turn six is chuck and cheese or pizza hut place or Getti pizza place. If your child loves outdoor games, have his birthday at Putt-putt. There is one in Plano, Texas. Any of these places do all the serving and cleaning with additional fees. You might consider Sandy lake or Six flags of Texas with a picnic style of birthday party. It is a good place for birthdays in summer if your trend love to swim. Make sure you have your own swimsuit on and enough lifeguards on duty. My children have been to all these places for their birthdays or freinds' birthdays, Take enough pictures, they last a lifetime.



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Our son had his 6th bday party at the Frisco store just after it opened and it was fantastic! The kids all had a great time, and we went to the food court for cake after they finished building their Legos.

The only potential downside is the maximim of 10 children but even that ended up being just fine for us.

I highly recommend it!


working mom to 2 great kids, 6 and 4



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My son went to one for a 6 year old last week (at Northpark). The party was at 11 am on a Sunday so it was before the store was open. If you have one there, do it at that time. It still felt a little cramped at the tables they had set up because that store is so small. I would not do it there if the store is open. My son now wants his next one there, but if they don't have a time when the store is closed, I think I'd just purchase the legos and have it at home. The whole party was putting together the police helicopter (which the birthday boy had picked). That took almost the whole hour. The kids loved it because it was their party favor and it was really cool. Then the store people had one short scavenger hunt kind of game and then walked the kids up to the food court for food the birthday boy's parents had purchased.



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WE had our son's 6th birthday at the Lego Education Center in Southlake. It was an amazing party. The kids got to build, the folks that supervised the kids were great. The party room was ice- they took care of all the details. They have goody bags which include the kids getting to pick 20 individual Legos from the Lego bins.

I highly recommend it. He had so much fun he wants to do another birthday party there.



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My son wants his party there too but I don't like the fact that there is no private room for the party. You can, however, purchase the lego party stuff (from the Lego Store)have it at home. If you go online to you can even buy a Lego cake pan. I am going to purchase the pan and then ask my pasty chef friend to make it.