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Updated on May 09, 2008
J.N. asks from Keller, TX
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Do any moms out there have experience with online businesses? I get a lot of "spam" type e-mails claiming how one can make money at home using the computer. I just want to know if anyone has tried some of these businesses and which ones are legitimate. Please no MLM type business. Not interested.

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My husband's aunt does very well. she works with AIG insurance and Verizon 100% from home. I can't remember which one, but she said one is so extremely easy that she really doesn't have to do anything. she works when she wants. I'm actually looking at maybe doing that next year to bring in a little more income so I can stay home.



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I work from home, primarily online and over the phone. I would be happy to share all of the information about my business with you. The company I work with is very highly regarded in the business community. The business is flexible and can be very financially (and personally) rewarding! Visit my website at www.myfamilymyfuture.com & be sure to request more information. I will contact you personally asap!




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my cousin works from home and here is some info about who she works for and what she does:

Check out this website:


She can get started by taking their tests. She should be knowledgeable about computers and Microsoft Office. (tell her also, the test is a little hard, if she doesn’t do well – copy her answers down and Re-Take the test, change the ones she got wrong before she sends them her scores) ;) Your not supposed to do that, but it can be done.

The whole hiring process takes about a month, they test you, interview you and interview you some more. What they do is weed out anyone not really serious about this type of position – You have to treat it as a real job, not a hobby. Takes a lot of discipline.

Anyway, she can get started online there, take the tests and turn on her answers via email. They will contact her a few days afterwards to schedule an interview or give her further details.

If this is something she really wants to do, tell her to not get discouraged – it is a slow interview process, but definitely worth it!

Let me know if you guys have any questions.



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I have a direct sales company, and have for 16 years succesfully but about 3 years ago decided maybe there was an easier way...so did the whole "secret shopper" thing and in my opinion it was a joke. They gave no notice they needed it done, took forever to get paid, and when you called in reports they were rude and treated you like you were not intelligent at all!

I personally will stick with Mary kay and working p/t as a substitute!

I do hear tons of stuff, since I do parties with women, so if you have a specific one , email me and I will let you know what I have heard through the grapevine!
L. B
[email protected]____.com

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