Leg Turns Outward While Walking

Updated on April 03, 2010
C.P. asks from Littleton, CO
5 answers

My son is 16 months old and just recently started walking. He walks about 20 steps before losing balance. Anyway, his right leg and foot turns out a lot. I'm wondering if this will go away as his muscles get stronger. Has anyone has this experience before? thanks!


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answers from Salt Lake City on

my oldest son leg turns out as well. When he was little I took him up to primary chrildren hospital. He had a boot with a brace on it for a while. He is now seven yrs old and still he has some problems but it is mostly we he starts growing.



answers from Pueblo on

C., our daughter who is now 19mos was kinda in the same boat. She started walking at 12mos but about 2 mos ago we noticed that when she ran she fell down alot. So we started watching her walk and her left foot turns inward. So we check with our Dr and she has a clubbed foot that she now has to see a specialist for this August. I think you should really see your Doc about it. Our Dr said that sometimes if they don't catch this by 24mos it's too late to fix, by then their bones have hardend. So go see your Dr.



answers from New York on

I was born with my right leg turning out and my parents did nothing to correct it, unfortunately it will not correct itself - my younger cousin had the same problem and they had baby shoes with a bar across them to help turn the leg inward. Hope this helps :)



answers from Salt Lake City on

Of cours, there is always what is called "pigeon toe" that may go away or may need special shoes to correct the problem, but that is usually, to my knowledge, just the foot, not the led.

My nephew has a similar problem. It is getting better, but he has a condition known has neurofibromotisis (spelling?). He has to wear a brace because his bone is growing wrong.

If you can, I would take him to a doctor where they can x-ray the bone to make sure it is growing the proper way.



answers from Denver on

Hi Cristina, I am a pediatric physical therapist so I see this a lot. If he litterally just started walked they tend to stand with their legs out and toes out to increase their balance. It could also be that he has "low tone", especially if he has just started walking. What that means is that he might just be a little looser and flopper than other kids. The other possibility is that it is something with his hips, but that probably isn't the case.

It is difficult to tell you this stuff over chat room since I can't get a clinical picture of him by watching him move or feel him. Just give your pediatrician a call and see what she/he thinks about the situation. A lot of times it resolves itself as they gain strength and balance.

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