Leftover Shredded Chicken Recipes

Updated on August 25, 2010
A.R. asks from Keller, TX
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I took the advice of one of the mamas on here and had a make your own salad bar last night with taco salad fixings, including shredded chicken (btw, great idea, kids loved it!).

Only problem is now I have a bunch of leftover shredded chicken and I'm drawing a complete blank on what to make with it.

So what can I make with it for dinner tonight? Preferably not mexican since we had mexican last night.

Thanks all!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Waldorf chicken salad. Chicken, grape halves, walnuts/candied walnuts, thin apple slices, blue cheese, a bit of blue cheese dressing to hold it all together. Big slab of crusty baguette. Spread. Eat. YUM!



answers from Philadelphia on

Chicken salad :) Mayo, finely chopped onion and celery and salt/pepper. You can put it on cresents..it is really yummy!! (tiny mild pepper rings in the sandwich is amazing...lol!)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Funny you asked this. Here I am sitting and eating a chicken salad sandwich I just made from leftovers!! It is really good...maybe you can try it?
I mix up the leftover chicken with mayo [has to be mayo, not miracle whip] and a little bit of dijon mustard to taste, and some really fine minced onion and salt and pepper. Toast some bread, and spread it on! Yum.
Otherwise, you could make a Caesar salad and put it on that.
Make your own copy of KFC's famous bowl...chicken, mashed potato, gravy, corn, cheese? I've never had one, but I think that's what is in it.

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answers from Phoenix on

Check out this website www.samthecookingguy.com

He has tons of great easy recipes, from chicken enchiladas, chicken soup, tortilla soup, and many others that call for shredded chicken (and I have never had a bad recipe form him)

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answers from Dallas on

Super yummy and easy: make barbecue chicken pizza! I use a pizza crust from the biscuits/rolls refrigerated section (I think it's Pillsbury), use barbecue sauce instead of marinara sauce, any shredded cheese you have on hand, plus the chicken. (Mixing a little more BBQ sauce with the chicken is a good tip.) Sometimes I add caramelized onions, sometimes I go without. It all bakes in about 10-15 minutes! My 4 year old and my hubby love it!! :)

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answers from Boston on

Toss it in a store bought Asian sauce (a light one) and serve with veggies over homemade ramen: take ramen noodles and throw out the flavor packet. Cook according to the package, and drain. Then toss with a little bit of veg oil, sesame oil and soy sauce (go light on the soy sauce - it doesn't take very much). So easy, so cheap, and so yummy. My kids love eating "squiggly noodles."



answers from Dallas on

Chicken and Dumplins.... SUPER EASY! 2 large containers of chicken broth (and some water to taste), celery, carrots, seasoning... I use Emerils, chicken and 1 can of biscuits made into nickel sized balls. cook for about 30 minutes... YUMMY.

I freeze mine for lunches.



answers from Los Angeles on

you can stir fry it with a bunch of veggies!



answers from Boise on

Okay, it is mexican, but you can always freeze it - enchiladas. Chicken salad sandwiches, chicken noodle soup.


answers from Spokane on

Chicken noodle soup or chicken and dumplings is a good idea...so is a big salad...or chicken chili....or Barbque Chicken sandwiches...chicken pot pie...Mmmm, barbque chicken pizza sounds delicious right now! My sister makes this thing with rice, chicken, broccoli and cheese sauce...or chicken w/rice and cream of mushroom soup, I love these type of "casserole dishes" w/ a side salad but my hubby calls them "mush meals" and doesn't not like them, so I never make them...but if I gave him shredded chicken served in a mess of gravy w/some stuffing and mashed potatoes, he'd be all over it, go figure?

~Green chili shredded chicken enchiladas (with onion) w/ a side of Spanish rice and some black beans w/ cilantro & some cotija cheese sounds yummy for dinner at my house! Thanks for the idea...


answers from Detroit on

Casserole of some sort is always one of my favorites.



answers from Phoenix on

I use leftover shredded chicken to make BBQ chicken sandwiches and my kids love them. Just add barbecue sauce (we like KC Masterpiece) to the chicken and warm it up. It can be served on a hamburger bun or sandwich bread with or without a slice of cheese.

If the seasonings are pretty neutral, you could add it to a stir fry, soup, or make chicken salad. I hope this helps. :)



answers from Kansas City on

One of our house favorites - mix 2 cups of chicken with 8 ounces of cream cheese with a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Then use two packets of the pillsbury crescent rolls in the can to make chicken packets. (instead of using a triangle, use the two triangles together to make a rectangle - pinch the seam together, put about a tablespoon of the mixture in it and fold over). If i don't have the crescent rolls i've used regular rolls too.

Cook for the same time the crescent rolls tell you on the package. I like to brush the tops with butter and sprinkle on some sesame seeds if I have it for a little added flavor.



answers from Dallas on

I often make a chicken sauté or stir fry with my leftover shredded chicken (like from a rotisserie chicken). Depending on how much chicken I have, I put in 1-2 tablespoons of butter and 1-2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a large skillet and let the butter melt. I then add either some fresh or canned mushrooms that have been drained (again amount depends on how much chicken I have). I sauté the mushrooms until they cook down a bit and some of the moisture is cooked out, then I add some sliced or chopped onions, preferably sweet. I sauté until those start to turn opaque, and then add some Worcestershire. I just shake the bottle a few times so I don't know the measurement - maybe 1 or 2 tablespoons (???). I stir those up a bit and add in my chicken and sprinkle with Lawry's seasoned salt and some fresh ground pepper. If it's just me or just me and my husband eating it, I usually add some red pepper flakes too to spice it up a bit, but if the kids are eating, I just do that on my individual plate so it's not too spicy for them. I sauté that all together until the chicken is hot and serve in bowls on nights when I want a low carb meal. I have served it with chicken flavored ramen noodles or even garlic whole wheat noodles (cooked whole wheat angel hair sautéed with butter, olive oil, garlic, dried basil, parsley flakes and parmesan cheese) as a side for my kids 'cause they like carbs. LOL I have also added a 6 oz. bag of fresh baby spinach leaves at the same time as the chicken or some sugar snap peas too when I want some more veggies. You can add more butter &/or olive oil during cooking in any of the phases if you feel like the mix is getting too dry. You can also use chicken broth to moisten it up a little if you don't want more fat.

Hope that helps. Bon Appetit!




answers from Anchorage on

Use it with your sauce of choice for a nice pasta.



answers from Syracuse on

Chicken and Mashed potato pie.

Boil Chicken broth with some flour making a gravy, mix in chicken and frozen vegatables.
Put in a cassarole or similar dish, cover mixture evenly with mashed potatoes.
Bake 350 for 20-30 min
Serve with biscuts


Chicken BBQ pizza

Mix chicken with favorite BBQ sauce, cut red onion into thin slices,

add to rolled out pizza dough or pre-baked crust.

Top with shredded cheddar.

Look online for cooking times - depends on method and materials being used.



answers from San Francisco on

Add BBQ sauce and make a pulled chicken sandwiches with homemade onion rings. Chicken salad is always good. I was also going to say enchiladas. A favorite that we do with left over turkey at thanksgiving is a baked sandwich. Saute up onions and celery add a can of campbells cheddar cheese soup and the chicken. A little salt and pepper. Get hoggie rolls, slice in half and pull out the middle of the bread ( create a hole on both sides of bread, you'll restuff later) add the breAd to chicken cheese mixture. Stuff rolls, wrap in foil. Bake 350 for 30 min. Yum!!!


answers from Houston on

mix it with bbq suace and make yummy sandwiches on rolls.

make chicken pot pie, toss it on a premade piecrust from the cold section of the store, add peas, corn, onion, celery, mushrooms, some cream of chicken soup, pepper, then add the top pie crust and bake.

there are lots of recipes for a yummier sauce than the chicken cream soup online

or our fav, hawaiin haystacks. which consists of rice, then top with celery, cheese, chicken, those crunchy lo-mein noodles, pineapples. cook the chicken in some sweet and sour sauce first.


answers from Norfolk on

I put the chicken together with a bag of frozen mixed vegetables (thawed), mix in some Campbells Cream of chicken soup, add a can of water (I use milk) in a deep skillet. When it comes to a boil, drop in spoonfuls of Bisquick batter (I make a half batch for biscuits (I use buttermilk for this), then simmer uncovered for 10 min followed by simmer for 10 min covered. The dumplings cook in the liquid/steam and come out light and fluffy. It's very tasty and SO easy!



answers from Albuquerque on

Here are some ideas:

Chicken divan, it's like a casserole with rice, brocolli, a creamy sauce and cheese.

Chicken tetrazzini, it's with spaghetti noodles, a creamy sauce (or cream of mushroom soup), and mushrooms.

Chicken Cacciatorre: spaghetti sauce w/ red wine, mushrooms, peppers etc served over noodles or rice.

I'm not good at writing out recipes but I'm sure you can find these on any recipe website.



answers from Missoula on

My family loves bbq chicken pizza. I usually make homemade dough, but you can buy it already made or get a Boboli crust and add bbq sauce, chicken, pineapple, cheese and jalepenos if you like it spicy. Toss it in the oven til the cheese browns and enjoy!

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