Leftover Pretzels

Updated on January 05, 2011
L.C. asks from Lewisville, TX
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Hello moms!!
I have a question about leftover food. I bought a huge thing of halloween pretzels from a bulk store back in october. We have had a couple of bags but they are too salty for my son and me and I am looking to get rid of them. The sell by date was November 30th 2010. I hate to just throw these away because they are all in individual bags so I'm sure they are still good. Does anyone know of a place I could take these? Maybe I food pantry or something?
Thanks in advance!!!

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answers from Dallas on

If the sell by date is past, you cannot give them up for consumption.

- Crush them up and go feed the fish or ducks at your local pond.
- Make an activity out of it by spreading natural peanut butter on a pine cone and roll it in the crushed pretzels and bird seed. Hang it on your tree outside and watch the birds that show up.
- Make chocolate (white or milk) covered pretzels. Melt, dip, cool in fridge, eat...

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answers from Chicago on

You and your son could line them up on a cookie sheet, put a Rolo on each one and melt them in the oven, just until soft, then mash a pecan on each chocolate and set the pan in the freezer. This is how me and my kids make our own turtles.

If they are too salty for you, you could gift them to someone you know that wouldn't be bothered by the salt :)



answers from Dallas on

Crush them up and freeze them - you can use them for cooking -
Pretzel coated baked chicken breasts are a great substitute for fried chicken. I'm sure the packaged preztels aren't stale yet, but even if they are, when you bake them you won't notice it.


answers from Phoenix on

Have you called local pre-schools to see if they take donations? Or a food pantry would be another great idea.


answers from Dallas on

Food bank won't take them if they are past sell by date. I'd just put them on freecycle or craigslist for free. Someone will want them.


answers from Los Angeles on

Here's a few suggestions on how to use them.

-You can make a Chocolate dipped or a Chocolate and Peanut butter dipped pretxels. Just warm the chocolate and peanut butter until melted, dip, let dry and yu can leave it with one dip or dip again (sort of like a reeses peanut butter cup).
- Use them in a sweet/salty trailmix. Use things like dried fruit, raisins, etc to counter balance teh saltiness.
-Crush them up and use them as a crust in a Jello recipe.

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