LEEP Vs 2Nd Pap

Updated on January 25, 2007
A.L. asks from Winter Park, FL
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Brief over view - I had a pap that was abnormal during the time I was pregnant - had a colposcopy done showing severe displasia but then I had a blighted ovum and had a d&c - I am suppose to have a LEEP done...or should I do another pap because I was pregnant and that could have shown cell changes?...I have done a bunch of reading and I've talk to my doctor and he says to do the proceedure but I have this weird feeling it all stems from me being pregnant and the cell changes that happen during that time...does anyone know anything about this?

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answers from Boca Raton on

Well I had the same procedure done coloscopy. I became suspicious of the same thing and I had a series of pap smears done. My suggestion to you would be to make sure that you are at least 1 1/2 weeks over your period before getting the pap smear done. DO NOT have a pap smear soon after your period otherwise it will come back with abnormal changes.

Get another pap smear done after following the above and then wait for results. If the results still show abnormal changes, then consider the LEEP. I had many abnormal pap smears and now my smears are normal, but I realized that having the smears done before your period or right after your period does affect the results.

It won't hurt to get another pap smear/wait a few more weeks.

Good Luck S. P.S> I love the Cassellberry/Oviedo area. My cousins live there :}



answers from Miami on

Get another pap. I was abnormal while pregnant too and now every things fine!



answers from Lakeland on

Hi! I had several abnormal paps (before and after pregnancy) and had a LEEP in May. I did it because the peace of mind it brought was worth it. It was outpatient- done at APH in Orlando and relatively pain free. Completely your choice but- I totally survived with little/no pain afterwards. Good luck!



answers from Fort Myers on

Hi, I have heard that there has been controversy with the LEEP procedure and that it is not good for you. My OB just told me that.....ask your doc about it and what alternatives there are. Good Luck!

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