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Updated on January 22, 2010
T.C. asks from Canton, GA
6 answers

A plastic bag with red printing was tossed on the tan leather seats of my car. Somehow the red printing from the plastic bag transferred/stained my seat. What can I use to get the red off the without harming/discoloring the tan leather?

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answers from Atlanta on

Sol-U-Mel by Melaleuca will take it off without harming the leather.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi, my husband owns an upholstery business and I asked him what you could try. At first he said there was nothing you could do, they would just need to be replaced but then he said you might try mineral spirits. Use a Q-tip and just rub real softly. Good luck!




answers from Savannah on

I would try a magic eraser they work wonders. They are with the cleaning supplies. There is a Mr. Clean Brand and there are off brands that work just as well too.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi T.,

I agree with Audra. Let me know if you'd like more information.





answers from Atlanta on

I agree that the first things to try is the magic eraser. These are great at getting dirt and grime off almost anything and if it doesn't work on the leather yto remove the dye, it will clean the leather upholstery and can used around the house for other jobs. The second thing to try is Goo Gone. This is a strong orange-oil that works as a solvent. You can get small bottles of this for a bit over a 1.00 at places like Big Lots. While you are there, get a 2.00 spray bottle of leather cleaner / conditioner to use on the seats after the stains and dirt are removed. The conditioner will keep the leather from drying out and becoming brittle and will give it a nice soft feel and like-new look.

The third thing to try would be hair spray. Spray it on heavy, then use the magic sponge or a rag to blot. The hair spray kind of surrounds and attracts the color pigments in the dye and always lifts out ink or magic marker from fabric upholstery. I have never tried this on leather.

Good luck. PLEASE let us all know what works and what doesn't!



answers from Tampa on

Call F. in your area. www.WeRepairLeather.com
They repair or re-dye leather.

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