Learning to Ride a Bike

Updated on January 10, 2008
P.P. asks from Crowley, TX
5 answers

Hi, I just wanted to get some input from other parents about when to remove training wheels from your child's bike. My son is almost 6 and some of his friends still use training wheels but others do not. Also if anyone has successfully taught their child how to ride a bike I would love to hear how you did it. Thanks!

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answers from Houston on

Hello P., Our youngest daughter had training wheels on her back at age 6. When convinced her she could take the training wheels off and do just fine, she agreed. I believe letting them decide first is best, whether they change their mind right away or not. So then remove them and as Marci said hold on to the seat and run beside them. She got nervous and started saying she couldn't do it and wanted them replaced on her bike but we told her she could do it and keep her trying. She got scared we let her after many tries stop that day. A week went by when I pushed her to try again, she was scared, but said she would. After several attempts and encouragement from us and her sister, she did pretty well. Now one year later she is like a pro. Hope all goes well with this. Just keep up the encouraging and watching her, they just love to be watched when accomplishing things.



answers from Houston on

hi P., my husband just recently taught 3 kids on our street to ride their bikes....two of them were about 5 1/2 and one is 7. He has a weird knack for it. I joked that I was going to either hire him out or video take his 'method' and mass market the video!! Anyway, I'm trying to find the video I took and maybe it'll help you. Shoot me an email and then I'll email it to you. [email protected]____.com



answers from Dallas on

My daughter started trying without the training wheels around age 5. She was too nervous and we tried again this past summer. She is just now getting comfortable with it. (She is 6-1/2 now) One thing that helped- they sell a training tool at wal mart. Instead of running along side them while they try to balance, this is a handle that attaches to the back wheel and it sticks out so you can stand behind them and help balance. It helped us in the beginning. Its in the bicycle area at wal mart- about 20.00. I do agree that you shouldnt rush them. We pushed our daughter a little when she wasnt ready and it just made her frustrated and she totally lost interest. Recently it has been her idea to try again and this time its working! Good Luck!



answers from Amarillo on

We took my sons T-wheels off at his request when he was 4. The kids he was playing with actually helped him learn to ride, he fell a few times but was to prideful to let the other kids see him cry or get scared so up again he went. He had it down that same day and was jumping the ramp the following weekend. My daughter kept her T- wheels till she was 7. It took her awhile to figure it out and she gave up many times, I held her seat and bars and walked beside her letting go and grabbing on till she got her balance. She got it soon after.



answers from Corpus Christi on

Both of my sons were acutally 4 years old. My youngest, who was 4 in September starting riding without them in November. The biggest obstacle was fear. Training wheels give them security of not falling. Our children also both asked for them to be removed. We had many older children in our neighborhood riding bikes all of the time so they saw that and wanted do try it out. My oldest basically got on his bike and started off with us holding the back of his seat and running behind him - we helped him once for about 15 yards or so. My youngest was not as quick. We did the same thing in holding onto the back of the seat and running behind him. He is a wild child but does not want to be dirty or "get blood" as he says. He did not like the instability but would not have them put back on his bike either. Actually, he wanted to quit riding all together but we would not let him. We do not let our children quit something after not really trying...some say it is wrong but hey, call us mean ;-). He also did much better on his first bike we had ever bought for him. It was only a 10" bike so he had more control. He is now upgraded back to his bike and is all over the place. He did learn in one day but with more help from us.

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