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Updated on June 24, 2012
S.R. asks from Bossier City, LA
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Help can anyone tell me if there is another alternative for my child who has failed the math portion of the leap test and has to repeat the 8th grade entirely over. I just feel that my child has been stripped of an entire year.I just can not imagine him not being able to be remediate again until he is up to par or his skills are strength. Is there any alternative out there that will allow him to move on to the 9th grade and stay on track with his education, especially since he will be sixteen in the next coming months. I don't want him to feel like a failure and consider dropping out of school. Thanks a bunch

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement and advice. Well as it turns out my son is still in the 8th grade however he will be receiving more help in the math area with concentration on his weak areas. I talked to school board members,teachers, councelors, even the superintendent to no prevail. I just think the leap test sucks. I just pray my son doesn't give up hope because I won't stop believing in him.

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Is there a ld? My son has autism but doesn't do will on the state and fed test but he moves on. If it is only math than they need to let him move on. My son doesn't do will in math but they allow him to use caluactor(spelling not my strong). They can make a plan to work on his weak areas he will have to promise to work on it.

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answers from Florence on

Have you considered home schooling him? I've known several children who were having trouble in a modern school setting who excelled at home. I've been homeschooling 19 years and would be happy to answer (or try to answer:) any questions.
Blessings to you and your son.



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Can he not go to summer school? Or maybe check out Sylvan or some other private tutoring facility to help him with his math deficiencies?



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Talk to the school's Principal or Superintendent. There may be an alternative like Silvan Learning Center or something that he can do to get him up to speed without holding him back for one subject. Only the people running his school will know exactly what his options are.




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We don't have leap but we do have task tests and they are also must pass test. My son has NEVER passes the math portion of these tests. But he has been promoted to the next grade. He does great in class but doesn't test well in math. Have you gone to the school board and pleaded your son's case? I have to have a meeting with the teacher, counselor and principle and they always agree to pass him to the next year. He always improves from test to test but never enough to pass. He will have to take extra math classes but that is better than re-taking the 8 grade. Please try and talk to the school, because I agree with you that a whole year should not come down to one test. Good luck and let us know what happens.



answers from Tulsa on

Here in Ok, you can pass to 9th grade. Just take 8th grade math! I am hoping they will let him do that!



answers from Lafayette on

Well I totally know what you are going through. My son now 14 failed the leap test in the 4th grade. He was already a year behind because he had failed in the 1st grade. He has a learning disorder and its been a huge struggle for him to get through each school year. He had passed 4th grade with great grades and then failed the leap test. I did not put him in summer school because I knew if he would of failed it again, it would of brought his confidence level so much lower. We decided to put him in private school at that time and yes it was a struggle because it was harder and changing schools was really hard for him not knowing anyone there. But now he is going to the 8th grade and he will be in public school once he goes to 9th and due to that fact he will have to take the leap test once again. Our feeder school here for private high school would be much to hard for him so we will put him in public high school. But we know that there is a high chance that he wont pass the leap test. My sons speech teacher did tell me that most high schools have an alternative course that they can take and basically gets them through high school and so they wont drop out and be so much older than the other kids. My son too will be turning 15 in the 8th grade and ending up 16 in the 9th. So i really feel for you and its so unfair that these kids have to take a test that determines their future for the next year. I dont have much confidence in the public schools around where we live because they have failed my son over and over again. I think you should go to the high school that he would be attending and talk to the principal and coordinater and find out what programs they have that can help him. I will be in the same boat as you are next year and I'm dreading it.
I wish him the best of luck and hope this gives you some helpful information.



answers from Baton Rouge on

Sorry to say I think you are asking this question a little late, unless he went to summer school.
I think it is terrible to hold a child back particularly for one subject. Particularly since in most cases with a little personal attention they can get over the hump.
My daughter had problems and we were told unless she could pass a math test when school opened she would have to repeat it. I met with the teacher and was told what she was having problems in. I put a small blackboard on the exterior by the porch. I worked with her every week day. I know that she hated for daddy to come home. We reviewed what she needed to pass but went on to coach her on what she would be receiving for the coming year. She took the test with flying colors. I am glad to say that she did not have any more problems with math.
Since the school year is started, or will in a couple of days, I suggest that you speak to the school board, principle, and teacher. Make sure the teacher gives you all that he needs to catch up with. Also find out what his new teacher will cover. Ask that he be able to attend the next grade on the basis of him making improvements on the previous class. If you can do this, then you have the responsibilty to teach him both last years and this years work. Keep in mind that if you are not able to do this then you will have to agree to put him back. Kindly keep in mind that failure on your part to get him over the hump will be devastating to him.

I pray all goes well for him, and you. God Bless



answers from Monroe on

Did he just fail it again in summer school, or did he not do summer remediation...because in our area summer remediation is the only thing to do. They only changed it for a few years after Katrina to where they could remediate until they passed.



answers from New Orleans on

They should allow him to continue in the 9th grade with remedile (dont think i spelled that right) math classes until he passes the leap. if he has passed everything else in regular classes.



answers from Baton Rouge on

There is a new online public and pay for online home school. My son will be attending one of these for his 9th grade for 2012-2013. They offer placement by the course. In other words he could still be in 9th grade but taking a lower Math class. At least that's the way I understood it. He will be at home alone and I will monitor his schooling after work. The public one is free but the # of spaces are limited. That means if more people sign up than are spaces available they will go to the lottery system. So theres a chance he might not get in that one. The "pay for" online home school cost about $150 per month if you want their help or $50 if you don't. My son attended private catholic schools since kindergarten but the High schools cost too much, more than $750/ month. The links are www.elearningk12.com and www.connectionsacademy.com



answers from New Orleans on

There is a way to waive a failed LEAP test. I'm going through this also! This is so unhealthy for our children and our leaders are blind to this. My daughter failed 4th and 8th grade LEAP tests. She passed the 4th grade summer LEAP but now has to attend 8th grade summer program and retake it once more. She was diagnosed with "severe anxiety"! She has a "B" GPA but is so worried when taking this "pass or fail" test, that she freaks out and can not pass them! I know my child is not the only one to SUFFER because of these tests. Something has to be done. passing or failing should NOT be determined by this test alone. I suggest you call a school board member that may be of help. If my daughter fails then she will be 18 in 11th grade and 19 all of her senior year. She has never been held back but with this age, if she wants to drop out in 11th grade, I can't stop her. The way we have it right now, we are going to have so many drop outs because of age. Call a board member and hope for a waiver. My school system suggested, MEDICATION!!, phychiatrist!!, or a private school! She's 14, the dance captain, very out going, are they "CRAZY" Good luck! I'm in your boat!

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