Leap Pad or Ipod? What Age Do Kids Outgrow Leap Pad?

Updated on November 15, 2011
M.L. asks from Derby, KS
13 answers

Our 8 year old twins want i-pod touches for Christmas. We are considering buying them since we are driving from Kansas to Florida for spring break and the i-pods will help entertain the kids. The 5 year old wants one too. I struggled with the idea of getting them for the 8 year olds and it just seems like 5 is way too young. Considering a leap pad instead but worry that she will outgrow it a month after Christmas when she turns 6. What are your thoughts??????

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'd get iPod touches fr the 8 year olds but not for a 5 year old.
My son is 8.5 and he wants an iPod Touch this year.

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answers from Dallas on

How about just planning road games, bring books, movies, and stuff like that.

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answers from Charlotte on

Books and music and road games would be so much better than hours upon hours of computer time. Talking with their parents, seeing what's on the road. Real communication. Writing stories...

When we were kids, we didn't have computers to take away our "boredom" in the car.

My two cents.

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answers from Dayton on

How about a Nintendo DS?

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answers from Los Angeles on

not sure about the ipod-touch b/c i don't know anything about it but i got an ipad for myself and my 2-year-old toddler uses it way more than i do. in fact, it's become his toy instead of mine. he's already learned to unlock the touch screen, scroll to his favorite youtube clips of cars 2 toys and lower/higher the volume. it's ridiculous. lol. but it has been an awesome buy and he'll never outgrow it! (tho i wish he would so i could have a turn now and then ;p)

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answers from Boston on

I would get 3 of them or you will have fights on your hand. Kids are so fast with technology. You do need to buy most of the games on the iPod touches, but I with one iTunes account you can buy them once and load them on all your i-devices.

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answers from Denver on

id go for getting an ipod touch for the 5 year old, that way they can all share the same things, music, apps, movies etc but have their own stuff instead of your little one stuck with a leap pad with its own apps and the twins wont let her play theirs. Just get a super good case like an otterbox which i would recommend for the 8 year olds as well.



answers from Indianapolis on

No your five year old is not to old at all.....now these days 5 yr olds knws how to work computer things better then us......my 5 yr old got a wii-game last year @ the age of 4 n knew how to work it really good!!!!!!!!!!



answers from Augusta on

I'd look into the non apple touch systems for the 8 yr olds. Apple tends to limit the types of files that can be put on their devices where other brands ( sansa, etc) do not.
I'd get the lap pad for the 5 yr old she likely has another couple of years with it.


answers from Philadelphia on

the leappad wont break as easy but the apps on the leappad are 30 each so it may cost more in the longrun...PLUS it depends how much your future headaches of the little one screaming over what the older ones got is worth...why not have the little one test drive the leappad in the store? my brother got one for his daughter they are much easier to navigate and very good with educational and art games



answers from Cleveland on

The leap pad games and apps go up to age 9. It was the best thing we ever bought our now 5 yr old twins (we bought the explorer last year for Christmas, and are thinking of buying the leap pad for this year). They play the explorer more than any other toy (except Barbies :-)) . Anyways, the games and apps are NOT $30. The app cards are $20 for two app cards, and the games are generally $19 (usually $19 on sale, but we have seen them this holiday season for $19 everywhere. This year they want iSpy, Pet Pals 2, and another good one is Mr. Pencil. Then, there are learning apps you buy online for as low as $7.50, or you can buy the app cards in the store 2 for $20.



answers from Kansas City on

LOL...my 4 year old already knows her way around my iPad. We were in an airport last Sunday, and I realized she had gone from PBSKids.org to her Netflix movie without my help. She has her own set of games & e-coloring books on my iPad and she even plays Mahjong on the iPad with me. I saw that LeapFrog is making a tablet now, so don't know if that is an option. All this technology is moving too fast!



answers from Springfield on

My 4 year old has outgrown his leap pad - he uses my phone and ipad and has figured out how to play all of the games and find movies on netflix. He doesn't have my password figured out thankfully or there would be more games on it.

And for the mom who said bring games and stuff b/c we never had electronics as a kid - I seem to remember us getting car sick a lot too!

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