Lead Paint Concerns

Updated on July 25, 2008
K.A. asks from Pembroke, MA
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i recently moved into a house about a month ago and just found out there may be lead paint in the house. I have a nine month old son and dont have a lot of money because i am a single mom doing it on my own. Is it the landlords responsibility to have the test done or is it mine. Is there a test i can do myself and does anyone know the cost. I dont want my son to get sick since he a bright and loving little boy. Any help would be appreciated

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Land Lords responsible for that! He never should have let you move in knowing you had a child under 5 years old. He can get in big trouble and should. So tell your landlord it needs to be checked NOW or you are reporting him. Also mention this to your child's pediatrician they can test for lead by blood test.
Good luck!

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it is totally your landlords expense. They should have an updated test and a lead free certificate for you. You can tell them it is tax deductable as well as the expenses to have it removed. My sister rented a house that she finally paid to have tested and then handed everything over to the land lord b/c of the laws in Mass. and lead testing certificates, I do beleive they are not allowed to legally rent an apt/unit/house without one. Good luck.



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By law, if there is a child under the age of 6 your landlord is responsible for making sure there is no lead exposure risk. The landlord should have given you lead paint disclosure form and information. If it is a new landlord they may just be ignorant and presumably will be cooperative once they are informed about the laws in massachusetts regarding lead paint. You should realize it will cost your landlord 10s of thousands of dollars to de-lead, so reluctance is somewhat understandable but definitely illegal. You will not have to pay, but your landlord will pay dearly.

Your little one is surely fine at this point - and a simple blood test (finger stick, not even a blood draw is necessary) can put your mind at ease. Ask your pediatrician.

Best of luck.



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It is definately your landlords responsibility. I am pretty sure that this has to be disclosed as part of the renting process. I know it is if your buying. Good Luck.

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