Leachco Pregnancy Pillow (The All Nighter Total Body Pillow)

Updated on July 30, 2010
C.S. asks from Edwards, MO
4 answers

Did you use the Leachco Back n Belly (Candy-cane U-shaped) all nighter body pillow while pregnant? Was it worth the $75? I am dying for a good night's sleep!

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answers from Kansas City on

yes!!! i LOVED this pillow. used it with both of my pregnancies. love, love love it! my husband didn't though... he called it my "fortress of solitude!" =D

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answers from Phoenix on

I had a u-shaped maternity pillow, not sure what kind, and LOVED it. It was worth every penny I spent, around $70?, even though the pillowcase was a bit rough, it was an absolute pain to change/wash the pillowcase, I tore the pillowcase after a few months turning around in the middle of the night and it started to get lumpy by the end of my pregnancy. All that said, the ability to get comfortable, to prop up my belly, knees and back all at the same time, not to have to reposition my pillow everytime I rolled over made up for anything I didn't love about it. I will buy another one for my next pregnancy and for my pregnancies after that.

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answers from Las Vegas on

yes I used it....no it didn't help.....just get some big pillows or roll up a comforter



answers from New York on

Just go to bed bath and beyond and buy a regular body pillow for $15. That's what I did and it worked just fine. good luck

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