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Updated on May 13, 2010
E.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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My 2 year old has a lazy eye. And not a subtle lazy eye either. We've patched her other eye, done the blurring drops in the good eye, so now her vision in both eyes in 20/20. But it still wanders. I am wondering if any of you have experience with this surgery? How old are kids when they typically get the surgery? How is the recovery? I hate the idea of having her go through surgery but I also hate the idea of her being picked on later in life by cruel kids. Tell me your story.

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answers from Phoenix on

Didn't you already ask this on Friday?

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answers from Denver on

My son had this done around 14 months of age. He is now 12. It was no big deal. We were there part of the day, went home, then went back the next day for a check-up. His eye was oozing blood that evening, but otherwise was fine. He didn't even seem to notice too much. I think I was more bothered by it than him. I know they do this on older kids too because they have talked about re-doing his at some point. After about 2 years his eye turned slightly again, but has never been enough to re-do the surgery yet. It is not really noticeable to anyone but me and the doctor. It is way better than having an eye that turns a lot. I would definitely do the surgery.



answers from Dallas on

Keep in mind this was 22 years ago but I had this surgery at age 3. I did the who patch thing and drops for a few years after as well to try to correct my vision and have worn glasses all my life. I dont remmber the surgery but according to my mother the recovery was not to bad.



answers from Sioux Falls on

A friend of mine's son just went through the surgery. He is fine and his eye is normal now. I believe they are very happy with the results. He is about the same age as your daughter. No one likes to think of their beloved cild having to go through a surgery, but there is a place for it. Not only does this affect her vision, but once in school, kids can be very cruel. If you can save her the pain of going thruogh it, then I say it's very much worth it. If you would like me to give you her email, just ask,and I will get it for you.



answers from Kansas City on

I had surgery on mine as a newborn...I cannot see out of both eyes at the same or the other. I have good vision. The only thing that I THINK is different is depth perception. I would trade that for Lazy eyes any day :)



answers from San Antonio on

My daughter just has this surgery in January...she is also 2 years old. My daughter didn't need patches or drops as her vision was fine. She had not lost vision in the "bad/lazy" eye, yet.

In my research, it seemed that before 2 was best for the surgery...but to keep in mind it might need to be repeated. 20% of the time they will need the surgery redone at a later date.

My advice would be to go ahead with the was more traumatic for me than for her. The hardest part was doing the drops after wards four times a day. She got a lot of skittles (one for each time she got drops).

The day of the surgery be prepared for the bloody tears after wards and the whites of her eyes to be blood red. Oh and a change of clothes for her and you as the anesthesia can make her sick to her tummy.

I would do the surgery again in a heartbeat...her eyes are beautiful and aligned.

You can ask me any questions you have.



answers from Kansas City on

Hello McK4,
My daughter had a lazy eye as well. She had her surgery when she was four. I have heard the earlier the better. The longer the eye stays that way it almost trains itself to stay crossed so even after surgery it can be unsuccessful but again that is with older kids. So I would go ahead and do it. My daughter had a great recovery, it was very easy. She was scared when she first came out since her eyes were covered and she couldn't touch them but it was an outpatient surgery so we were home in the late afternoon with her. She still wears glasses as her eye will turn still sometimes when she gets really tired or has been concentrating at school but her eye doctor said her eyes are doing really well. she is eight now. I don't want to go through another surgery when they are not that bad anymore I am just believing them to be healed. her father also had the same surgery twice when he was little and you can't even tell he ever had a lazy eye.



answers from Houston on

How about those visin therapy or home therapy anyone has tried it? I would like to try that to my son who is 7 yr had lazy eye and surgery and now the Dr wants to do the 2nd surgery to his eye. I inquired on vision therapy they are expensive and we dont have vision plan, so i could think of is order those computerized home therapy , i wonder if anyone has tried it?



answers from Chicago on

My daughter (will be 12 on Friday) had the surgery the summer before starting kindergarten, so she was 5. We had just had a pool installed in the back yard so the worst thing was that she couldn't get water in her eyes for at least a week (I think) so that was hard, but my other 3 kids did well and didn't splash her. The other thing is that her eyes seemed to be more light sensitive after wards for the first few years, not an issue any more. It's harder on you to watch her than it is on her going through it. I too looked at her future outlook from others perspective.
On the other side, her brain is still "wired" for her other vision, so her reading is a little slower, but she works at it diligently, and knows why she has too. She is an "A" "B" student.
Talk to her surgeon, they are the better judge on the if/when to do the surgery.
Good Luck!


answers from Birmingham on

Both my eyes are "lazy", from multiple paralyzed muscles. I had laser eye surgery as a baby for my vision, and now if I had surgery for the muscles, I counldn't have laser surgery for my vision, so I just have to live with it. I was picked on in middle school, not alot but it did hurt my feelings badly of course. HOWEVER, I got contacts at 13, and it helps keep my eyes from wandering. Not completely, but it does really help!!!

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