Laundry Detergent to Use for Son Who Has Severe Eczema?

Updated on August 02, 2017
M.M. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
10 answers

everything i use and i use a little seems to still bothers his skin, any recommendations? i've used tide free and clear and all those brands he still itches, i've taken him to dermatologist he is on steriods topical i sense it's the detergent pls advise if you have a child who went through similar situation and your detergent seems to work good thanks, Moms

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answers from Waterloo on

I had eczema when I was a child and my mom used Dreft. In my baths I used a Dreft/epsom salt combination.

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answers from Norfolk on

Does your wash machine have an extra rinse cycle?
The newer machines use so little water they hardly rinse out any soap.
I like my old style machine where I control the water levels, the number of rinse cycles, etc.
I also stay away from the laundry soap pods - because sometimes I need more or less soap and I control how much I use depending on how dirty the clothes are.
Use the extra rinse cycle - or if your machine doesn't have one, then run the wash again 2nd time with no soap in it so the soap from the first time gets rinsed out.

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answers from New York on

I rinse all our clothing in white vinegar, which eliminates the soapy residue left behind in clothing that can cause irritation and itching. I have a front loader so I just put it in the softener hole and then set an extra rinse cycle. I have one child with eczema and my husband is terribly allergic to Tide so I started doing this YEARS ago with great success. I no longer use Tide (I use 7th generation) but I still rinse everything with white vinegar.

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

Have you ever had your son tested for allergies? I ask this because my youngest had excema starting around 9 months. It was so bad and nothing seemed to work. In a picture he looks like he has side burns. We got a prescription of cortisone and it did help a lot but did not eliminate it. Then 2 separate times he had peanut butter and got a small rash by his mouth about 18 months. Our doc finally did testing and it turns out he is allergic to milk and peanuts. Cut out both of those (except we cannot keep him away from yogurt) and he has not had much of a flare up in years, mostly in the winter. He also has not been constipated, which was a problem.



answers from Dallas on

Fabric softener dryer sheets also aggravated my son's skin. Once we quit using those it helped.



answers from Grand Rapids on

My son had eczema as a baby. I used Eurcerin cream. The kind that is in the jar. I also make my own detergent now. A box of borax,super washing soda and a bar of Fels Naphtha soap,grated. Just mix all together,keep it in an air tight container. Use a tablespoon per load. You can also use any bar soap you want. Ivory would be good if the Fels Naphtha causes a problem.


answers from Washington DC on


Tide "free and clear" is not good. I am sure there are people who love it? However, I have sensitive skin and the "Free and clear" still makes me itch.

Eczema is an allergy to something else that he's putting IN his body. Not touch.

We use All Free and Clear. When my son had eczema - we used Dreft. and rinsed twice.

Good luck!


answers from Boston on

Use baking soda. It's cheaper and more safe than detergent.


answers from Santa Fe on

I don't have a laundry detergent to recommend, but I wanted to also recommend testing him for allergies. If I have not taken my allergy medication I am very itchy all over. It doesn't matter what detergent I use. PS - I just googled this and one of the first articles to pop up was on Antihistamines taking the itch out of eczema. The allergy medicine I take is an antihistamine. Good luck.



answers from Waterloo on

Our family has many allergies and are reactive to many soaps and detergents. Arm and Hammer detergent was recommended by our doctor, and none of us have had reactions to it. I am unable to use All or Tide, even the free and clear versions. Good luck to you - I know it is hard to go by trial and error. Allergy testing did help us determine what was bothering my youngest.

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