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Updated on July 27, 2010
R.J. asks from Seattle, WA
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My latex allergy is getting worse... wheeeee. And most panties have elastic, which has latex in it. I've found a couple companies online, but does anyone here buy latex/elastic free undies/ unmentionables/ intimates/ panties/ lingerie/ what have you?

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answers from Seattle on

Jockey for Women underwear have waist bands and legs that have the elastic sown inside the fabric, the elastic does not touch the skin. This may provide the level of protection that you need. They are 100% cotton otherwise. Briefs, hipsters and bikini styles.

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answers from Eugene on

Find a homeopath who can help you reduce the level of your allergies as it is nearly impossible to avoid contact with everything you are allergic to at all times.
Your special underwear can be found but what about the elastic in a loop that hangs a potholder.
I had asthma for 29 years. I found a great homeopath and every day is asthma free. My allergies have reduced tremendously in the four years since I first went to see him. Even a cat in the room cannot ruin my visit to a well vacuumed house.
Seattle is full of good homeopathic practitioners. Get one whose been in practice for at least 10 years. It takes that long to develop the sixth sense needed to be competent as a homeopath. Ask around and you will find the right person who can help you.

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answers from Dallas on

I know this is an old post, but I absolutely love the microfiber panties by Victoria Secret, they have no elastic anywhere and I buy them because I have a little waist and huge bottom and these are the only ones I've found that stay put. Regrettably, they are in hideous bright colors and the designs on them range from butterflies to flowers.



answers from Portland on

I found bali makes some. they only come in pastel colors, cottony soft. the latex is folded under so it does not come in direct contact with skin. I suffer from latex issues too... I still wear some with elastics, and every other day I wear the non elastics, and especially when I go to the gym!



answers from Lexington on

A quick search of "latex free panties" gave several websites that offer them



answers from Columbus on

I don't think they will be attractive by any means, but I know if the Safety world guys and gals who have to work with electricity have to worry about ARC flashes - which when a bunch of electricity in a sense shoots out from the source of electricity. Anyways, my point is that some people in this field have to wear Flame Retardent clothing - inlcuding undergarments. I know some safety stores/catalogs sell these undergarments without the elastic in it (they don't have elastic in the undergarments in case you do catch on fire... this way it wouldn't melt onto the human skin). Sorry this sounds soo technical - but just thinking of another option??

Good luck.



answers from Portland on

I went online and wrote "allergy to latex" and found lots of websites to help you buying what you need.

Also, usually an allergy is because your immune system is down and your liver may or may not be toxic. Milk Thistle is great to help liver detox.

Shaklee has a complex with milk thistle in it which helps rebuild the liver and detoxifies the liver. We also have Nutriferon which helps rebuild the immune system.

There are also NO contaminants (such as lead, mercury, toxins, pesticides, etc.) in these products so you know you are getting nothing but good nutrition.

You may want to try these products for 6 months or so to see where you are allergy wise and if it helps your symptoms.

Go to

Also go to This is a story about Dr. Shaklee and his vision over 75 years ago. You may have to copy and paste in the URL or address space.

Health and Wellness Coach



answers from Minneapolis on

Can you handle the latex if it is wrapped in the fabric? That might be something to look for. Sadly, though, I've never seen any underwear that doesn't have some elastic in stores. I will keep watching to see what other people say, because my daughter would also benefit from not having the latex next to her skin.

Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

The brand "it-se bit-se", which I get from Costco. I get itchy from latex too.

The elastic is a "no show" band... and well looking at mine, I see no elastic/don't feel any elastic/ and it is real comfy. The label only lists cotton and spandex.
This would be for panties.
Its a real popular panty. Sometimes selling out at my local Costco.
It comes in 6 packs.
Even E-bay has them.

You have to type it in as, it se bit se not, itse bitse

Latex Free Bras:,bras,150,001,10.html

Other latex free info.:

Oh, you might also try "boy shorts." A cotton/spandex blend. Boy shorts don't have leg elastic... and only the waist.

Maybe Victoria's Secret has latex free, I don't know. Can call them. Maybe their "fun" underwear has no latex? Since there is hardly anything there anyway... just strings or open things.... LOL
Or try sex shops.

Good luck,



answers from Atlanta on has undergarments that, not only don't use latex but they also don't use spandex or elastic.

Just FYI, latex allergies are progressive. The more you are exposed, the worse it will get. Only 1% of 1% of people are allergic to natural latex. The violent allergies you hear about are to synthetic latex. The only problem with knowing this information is many retailers will tell you that they sell natural latex products when in fact they are synthetic. Be cautious. Anyone can develop an "allergy" to synthetic latex at any time.

God bless,




answers from Portland on

If all else fails, look on for handmade undies!