Late Period, Negative Pregnancy Test

Updated on December 01, 2009
J.S. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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My period is two and a half weeks late! I stopped nursing about 6 months ago and my periods were finally back to normal the previous month. I figured all would be normal this month but I still have not got my period yet. I took a pregnancy test a few days ago and it was negative. We are not trying to get pregnant yet so we have been using condoms as a form of birth control. I have researched other reasons for a late period and none seem to fit. The reasons are stress, weight gain or loss, thyroid problem, and excessive exercise. The only one that is close is that I started running again for 4 days and then quit because I got sick with a cold. I only ran/walked for 30 min. each of those days. I would not call that excessive. What could it be? Have any of you had this issue? Thank you!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for your responses! They were all very helpful. My period finally came, yeah! I think my cycles must still be off from finishing breastfeeding or maybe it was just from working out. Weird, oh well. Thanks anyway!

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I had a miscarriage in December, went through the 6 weeks of the menstration type stuff you go through after a pregnancy.

Waiting for the next cycle to start, it never did. Took a pg test, it was negative, next month I was feeling sick, and throwing up. Went to the doctor and took a blood test, and I was pregnant, 13 weeks prenant. So home Pg tests can be tough.



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Pregnancy tests are not fool-proof. It could be a false negative. Try it again!



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I'd definitely say it's because you recently quit nursing. I don't think I'd say you're back to 'normal' after just one 'normal' cycle! It'll take a little while :)

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